James Tissot Gallery III

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Rendezvous Lord's Prayer Elijah Fed by the Ravens Confessions of Longin

Wise Men Journeying to Bethlehem

They Parted His Raiment and Cast Lots

Solomon and His Harem

Peter and John Follow Afar Off

Jesus Enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

Centurion Glorifies God

Moses' Rod is Turned into a Serpent

Jesus Ministered to by Angels

Christ Healing the Ear of Malchus

Crown of Thorns

Jesus Teaching by the Seashore

Jews' Passover

Christ Foretelling the Destruction of the Temple

Two Blind Men Healed at Capernaum

Healing of the Ten Lepers

Scourging of the Back

Tribute Money

Christ Sending Out the Seventy Disciples

Joseph of Arimathea

Jesus Sitting in the Midst of the Doctors

Jesus Found in the Temple

Pharisees and Herodians Take Counsel Against Jesus

Priests Ask Jesus by Whose Authority He Acts

Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

Mordecai's Triumph

Pharaoh Sueth to Moses

Plague of Flies

Christ Goes to the Mountain to Pray

Jesus Has Supper with Matthew

Jesus Preaches the Sermon on the Mount

Healing the Lame in the Temple

Aged Simeon


Sick Were Brought Out to Him in the Villages

Departure of the Prodigal Child from Venice, 1863

Moses and the Burning Bush

God is Near the Afflicted

High Priest Rends His Clothes


Jacob Sees Esau Coming to Meet Him

Flight into Egypt

Joshua Commandeth the Sun to Stand Still

Soul of the Penitent Thief in Paradise

First Nail

Dead Bodies Thrown Outside the Temple

Joseph Seeks Lodging at Bethlehem

Adoration of the Shepherds

David Quits Jerusalem

Jesus Meets His Mother

Jesus Stripped of His Raiment

David Cuts off the Head of Goliath

Elijah Bringeth Fire from Heaven

Ecce Homo!

Widow's Mite


Birth of Jesus Christ

Simon the Cyrenian, Compelled to Bear the Cross

Jesus Taken Up Onto a High Mountain

Simon of Cyrene and His Two Sons

Raising of the Widow's Son

Fire from Heaven Consumes the Sacrifice

Without a Dowry (Sunday in the Luxembourg Gardens)



To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.


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