James Tissot Gallery II

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Plague of Locusts

Little Nimrod



Foreign Climes (The Prodigal Son in Modern Life)

Algeron Moses Marsden

During the Service

Journey of the Magi

Behold, He Standeth behind Our Wall

Departure (The Prodigal Son in Modern Life)

Fete Day at Brighton

Faust and Marguerite in the Garden

Bunch of Lilacs

Mary Magdalene before Her Conversion


Fatted Calf (The Prodigal Son in Modern Life)

Prodigal Son - The Return (The Prodigal Son in Modern Life)

Mary Magdalene's Box of Very Precious Ointment



Portrait of the Pilgrim

Gentleman in a Railway Carriage

Portrait of Miss Lloyd

In the Sunshine

Too Early


The Letter


Captain Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

Repentant Magdalene

In the Conservatory

Young Women


Return of the Prodigal Son



Vicomtesse De Montmorand

Young Women Looking at Japanese Screen

Circle of the Rue Royale

Political Lady

Shop Girl

Marguerite in Church

Woman of Fashion

Spring II

Prodigal Son: The Departure

Au Louvre

Terrace of the Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich, London

In the Church (Dans L'Eglise)

Woman in an Elegant Interior

Princesse De Broglie

At the Louvre

Departure Platform, Victoria Station

La Soeur Ainee (Older Sister)

Lady in a Black and White Dress

Marguerite by the Rampart

Hull of a Battle Ship

In the Greenhouse

Type of Beauty (Kathleen Newton)

On the River

Declaration of Love

Portrait of a Woman at L'Eventail

Kathleen Newton in an Armchair

Jeune Femme A L'eventail


La Cheminée

The Comedian

Reclining Lady

Ruins (Voices Within)

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.


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