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The following titles are some of the Diego Velazquez paintings available for  
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at  
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

Adoration of the Kings


Allegorical Portrait of Philip IV

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs

Antonio the Englishman



Buffoon Calabacillas

Buffoon Redbeard

Cardinal Camillo Astali Pamphili

Cardinal Camillo Massimi

Cardinal Infante Ferdinand of Austria with Gun and Dog

Caspar de Guzman, Count of Olivares, Prime Minister of Philip IV

Christ after the Flagellation

Christ in the House of Mary and Martha

Christ on the Cross


Coronation of the Virgin

Count Duke of Olivares

Cristobal de Castaneda


Don Baltasar Carlos with a Dwarf

Don Cristobal Suarez de Ribera

Don Diego de Corral y Arellano

Don Franciso Lezcano

Don Gaspde Guzman, Count of Olivares and Duke of San Lucla Mayor

Don Luis de Gongora y Argote

Don Sebastian de Morra

Dona Antonia de Ipenarrieta y Galdos and her Son

Dwarf Holding a Tome in His Lap

El Nino de Vallecas

Equestrian Portrait of Don Gaspar de GuzmanCount Duke of Olivares

Equestrian Portrait of Philip III

Equestrian Portrait of Philip IV

Fable of Arachne

Facade of the Grotto Logia

Forge of Vulcan

Francesco I d'Este

Francisco Bandres de Abarca

Gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome


Head of a Girl

Head of a Man

Head of a Stag

Idiot of Coria

Immaculate Conception

Infan Maria Teresa

Infanta Margarita

Infanta Margarita Aged Five

Infanta Margarita Teresa of Spain in a Red Dress

Infanta Maria Marguerita

Infanta Maria Marguerita in Pink

Infanta Maria of Austria

Infanta Maria Teresa future Queen Marie Therese of France

Infanta Maria Theresa, daughter of Philip IV of Spain

Infante Don Carlos

Isabella of Bourbon

Jester Don Juan of Austria

Jos Nieto, Chamberlain to Queen Mariana of Austria, Wife of Philip IV

Joseph's Bloody Coat Brough to Jacob

Juan de Calabazas

Juan de Pareja

Juan Martinez Montanes

Juan Mateos

Juan Mateos, Philip IV’s Master of the Hunt

King Philip IV of Spain

Kitchen Scene with the Supper in Emmaus

Knight of the Order of Santiago


Lady with a Fan

Las Meninas

Little Girl


Madre Maria Jeronima de la Fuente


Man with a Goatee

Mariana of Austria, Queen of Spain



Mercury and Argus

Miguel Angelo, Barber to the Pope


Pablo de Valladolid

Pedro de Barberana y Aparregui

Philip IV

Philip IV in Armor

Philip IV King of Spain

Philip IV of Spain

Philip IV of Spain in Brown and Silver

Philip IV, King of Spain

Pope Innocent X

Prince Baltasar Carlos with the Count Duke of Olivares at the Royal Mews

Prince Balthasar Carlos

Prince Balthasar Carlos dressed as a Hunter

Prince Balthasar Carlos on Horseback

Prince Philip Prosper, Son of Philip IV

Queen Isabel of Bourbon Equestrian

Queen Isabel, Standing

Queen Isabella of Spain wife of Philip IV

Queen Margaret of Austria

Queen Mariana

Queen Mariana of Austria

Rokeby Venus

Saint John at Patmos

Saint Paul

Saint Thomas

Self Portrait


Spanish Gentleman

St. Anthony Abbot

St. Anthony the Abbot and St. Paul the First Hermit

St. Paul

Supper at Emmaus

Surrender of Breda


Temptation of St. Thomas Aquinas

The Spinners

Three Musicians

Triumph of Bacchus

Two Young Men Eating at a Humble Table

View of Zaragoza

Villa Medici in Rome

Virgin appearing to St Ildephonsus

Waterseller of Seville

White Horse

Young Lady

Young Man

Young Peasant Girl

Young Spanish Gentleman


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