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About Canvas Replicas

Canvas Replicas has been providing our customers with gallery-quality oil paintings for over a decade.    We provide art to interior designers, galleries, film/television production companies, celebrities, luxury cruise liners, set designers and most importantly, art lovers around the world.

How We Started

Many years ago we were looking for art for our home, specifically several Claude Monet works.   We wanted real oil paintings with all the texture and feel, not simple prints.   We asked an artist friend if he would paint them for us.  He did they were spectacular, our friends loved them (and wanted their own), and we realized other art lovers want real oil paintings as well, not just prints.   And they want them at prices they can afford.    Today we have a team of artists who specialize in specific styles and artists.   Each commission is done by our team member specializing in the artist and style you are ordering.  

As we grew, we found customers wanted artists or works which were not found on our website.   No problem!  We work with customer-provided artwork, images and photos so if there is a specific painting you have wanted for years but cant find it on our website, we can still do it for you.   Maybe you have an old poster or print which has faded - we can bring it back to life as a fantastic oil painting.  We also provide portraits (including pet portraits).  Often times customers are looking for odd sized or oversized paintings.   Custom sizes are also one of our specialties.  No painting or project is too unique - just ask us.  

Getting Exactly What You Want

That is the beauty of having a painting commissioned for you by Canvas Replicas - you get the specific size you want, you can have the colors altered, you can have extra canvas added for a Gallery wrap and so on.  Our highest priority is to give you an amazing oil painting which meets all your requirements and you will enjoy for years to come.  

Art You Can Afford

An important part of our mission is to make fine art affordable for everyone.   Unfortunately most of us  cannot afford the original paintings.   But that doesn't mean we don't want and appreciate fine art.   We at Canvas Replicas provide Gallery-quality oil paintings at wholesale prices.    Compare our prices to other vendors.

Our Guarantee

We have grown our business by giving our clients what they asked for high quality art at prices anyone can afford.   We stand by all our work and provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.   Our rule of thumb has always been we only send art we would hang in our own home. 

Making The Experience Better  

We understand shopping on the internet can sometimes be difficult and stressful.    For us, when we buy something on the internet we often call the company first to get a feel for how they do business, to meet who we are dealing with and just to know there is someone on the other end.    It gives a sense of comfort.   So give us a call.   Whether you have a question regarding a specific artist or work, trying to decide what size of painting goes best in a hallway or dining room, or you simply want to know more about us, wed love to hear from you.   We invite you to call our toll free number (888.284.9671) and lets talk art. 

We thank you for visiting Canvas Replicas and invite you to take some time roaming our galleries.  You can browse them by Artist, by Subject or you can click here to search our website.     And if you have questions, please give us a call at 888.284.9671 (Our direct number is 801.446.1239 for International calls), email us or text us at 801.610.9243 (text only, no voice).   You can visit us on Facebook and Google+ or learn more about us at the Frequently Asked Question section of our website.

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