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Frederic Remington Biography

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Frederic Remington (1861 - 1909)


Frederic Remington was born in nearby Canton, NY in 1861.  His father was a Civil War Hero and his mother came from a prosperous family.  Frederic demonstrated great interest in horses and military things at an early age, and was sent to the Highland Military Academy in Massachusetts for secondary schooling.  Developing an insatiable appetite for art, Remington received his first formal art training at Yale and the Art Students League.  Following his graduation from Yale's new art school in 1880, Remington roamed the country west of the Mississippi for five years. His drawings began appearing regularly in Harper's in 1886, answering the popular need to know about Indian wars, wagon trains and cattle drives.  He would return to the West for three months annually for many years, aware of his mission and of the source of his success: the crucial marriage of his "hard as nails" style with his subject matter. 

He gathered information, made sketches and took photographs which he later used at his home in New Rochelle, NY to create his paintings and bronzes.  He died in 1909 in his studio of complications following an appendectomy, and is buried in Canton, NY.

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