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The Injured Mason - Francisco de Goya

 Blind Man's Bluff - Francisco de Goya

 Charles IV of Spain and His Family - Francisco Goya

Courtyard with Lunatics - Francisco Goya

The Injured Mason

Blind Man's Bluff Charles IV of Spain and His Family

Courtyard with Lunatics

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Naked Maja - Francisco de Goya

 Second of May 1808 at the Puerta del Sol - Francisco de Goya

 Shootings on Third of May 1808 - Francisco de Goya

 Milkmaid of Bordeaux - Francisco de Goya

Naked Maja

Second of May, 1808 at the Puerta del Sol Shootings on Third of May, 1808

Milkmaid of Bordeaux

The following paintings are Goya's 'Black Paintings' series.

Saturn Devouring His Son - Francisco Goya

  Atropos (The Fates) - Francisco Goya

 Judith and Holofernes - Francisco Goya

 Fantastic Vision - Francisco Goya

Saturn Devouring His Son

 Atropos (The Fates) Judith and Holofernes

Fantastic Vision

Two Old Men Eating Soup - Francisco Goya

 Men Reading - Francisco de Goya

Witches Sabbath - Francisco Goya 

 Leocadia - Francisco Goya

Two Old Men Eating Soup

Men Reading Witches Sabbath


Two Old Men - Francisco Goya

Fight with Cudgels - Francisco de Goya 

 The Dog - Francisco Goya

 A Pilgrimage to San Isidro - Francisco Goya

Two Old Men

Fight with Cudgels The Dog

A Pilgrimage to San Isidro

Women Laughing - Francisco Goya

Procession of the Holy Office - Francisco Goya 

 Heads in a Landscape - Francisco Goya

Women Laughing

Procession of the Holy Office Heads in a Landscape (Disputed 15th Black Painting)

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