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Spring Flowers Under a French Sky Prospect Park, Brooklyn Afternoon at the Sea

Shell Beach at Shinnecock - William Merritt Chase

Shell Beach at Shinnecock Shinnecock Hills Seated Nude Olive Trees in Florence

Beach 1905 - William Merritt Chase

Beach 1905 Country Lane In the Studio Fruit and Copper Pot

Dunes - William Merritt Chase

Dunes Shinnecock Along the Coast Back of Nude

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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William Merritt Chase Catalog


The following titles are some of the William Merritt Chase paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Bit of Sunlight (The Garden Wass)

A Bit of the Terrace (Early Morning Stroll)

A Coquette 1835

A Corner of My Studio

A Fish Market in Venice

A Florentine Villa

A Friendly Call

A Lady in Brown

A Long Island Lake

A Portrait Study

A Sketch of My Hound "Kuttie"

A Spanish Girl (Portrait of Mrs Chase in Spanish Dress)

A Stormy Day, Bath Beach

A Study (The Artist's Wife)

A Study in Curves

A Study in Pink

A Sunny Day at Shinnecock Bay

A Venetian Balcony

A Young Roman

After the Rain

Afternoon by the Sea aka Gravesend Bay

Afternoon in the Park

Afternoon Shadows

Alice Dieudonne Chase Shinnecock Hills

Alice in the Shinnecock Studio

Along the Path at Shinnecock

An Afternoon Stroll

An Early Stroll in the Park

An Italian Garden

Arab Encampment

At Play

At Shinnecock Hills

At the Boat Landing

At the Seaside

At the Window


Back of a Nude

Bath Beach - a Sketch

Bathers under the Pines by the Sea 1926

Beach Scene

Beach Scene Morning At Canoe Place

Bessie Potter 1895

Boat House Prospect Park

Bobbie: a Portrait Sketch

Brooklyn Landscape

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Canal in Flanders


Child on a Garden Walk

Child with Prints

Children Playing Parlor Croquet (sketch)

Coastal View

Connoisseur - The Studio Corner

Dancing Girl

Did You Speak to Me


Dorothy and Her Sister

Dorothy from the back

Dunes at Shinnecock

Elisaeth van Rysselberghe in a Straw Hat 1901

Elsie Leslie Lyde as 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'

Encampment near a Moroccan Village 1888

End of the Season

First Touch of Autumn, c.1898

Fish Sheds and Schooner, Gloucester

Florentine Villa

Flowers (Roses)

For the Little One (Hall at Shinnecock)

G. Colesberry Purves, Esq.

Garden with Villa and Fountain 1924

Girl in A Japanese Kimono

Girl In White

Girl in White (Portrait of Irene Dimock)

Girl With Guitar

Gondolas Along Venetian Canal

Good Friends

Good Friends, Woman and Dog

Gowanus Bay (Misty Day Gowanus Bay)

Gypsy Swell (A Spanish Gypsy)

Hall at Shinnecock

Harbor Scene Brooklyn Docks


Hide and Seek

Hunting Game in Shinnecock Hills

I am Going to See Grandma

Idle Hours

In Brooklyn Navy Yard

In the Park

In the Park a by Path

In the Park, Paris

In the Shade of the Pines 1905

In the Studio

In the Studio (Virginia Gerson)

Interior Oak Manor

Interior of the Artists Studio (The Tenth Street)

Interior of the Baptistry at St. Mark's

Interior, Young Woman at a Table

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

James Buchanan

Japanese Print

Keying Up - the Court Jester

La Msuse aux environs de Namur 1880

Lady in Black (Mrs. Leslie Cotton)

Lady with a Rose

Lady with a White Shawl

Landscape Near Coney Island

Landscape Shinnecock Hills

Landscape, near Coney Island

Landscape: A Shinnecock Vale

Lilliputian Boat-Lake - Central Park (Lilliputian Boats in the Park; Central Park)

Little Denise 1889

Little Red Riding Hood

Long Island Landscape after a Shower of Rain

Lydia Field Emmet, c.1892

Making Her Toilet

Man with Bandana



Miss L (Isabella Lathrop)

Miss Mary Margaret Sweeny

Misty Day, Gowanus Bay

Modern Magdalen

Mother and Child (The First Portrait)

Mr. Francis Guerin Lloyd

Mrs Chase and Cosy

Mrs Chase in Prospect Park

Mrs. Meigs at the Piano Organ

Ms Helen Dixon

My Baby (Cosy)

My Daughter Alice

My Daughter Dieudonne (Alice Dieudonne Chase)

My Daughter Dorothy

My Little Daughter Dorothy

Near Bay Ridge

Near the Beach Shinnecock

Nude Resting


Olive Trees, Florence

On the Lake, Central Park

Ordering Lunch by the Seaside

Over the Hills and Far Away

Park Bench (Idle Hour in the Park - Central Park)

Peace Fort Hamilton


Pink Azalea Chinese Vase 1880

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady in a White Dress (Miss Edith Newbold)

Portrait of a Lady in Black, c.1895

Portrait of a Lady in Pink

Portrait of a Lady with a Rose

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman: The White Dress

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of Clara Stephens Wearing a Hat with an Orange

Portrait of Dorothy

Portrait of Elizabeth (Betsy) Fisher

Portrait of Erla Howell

Portrait of Erla Howell (Little Miss H.)

Portrait of Harriet Hubbard Ayers


Portrait of Helen Velasquez Chase

Portrait of Helen, Daughter of the Artist

Portrait of Irene Dimock

Portrait of James Rapelje Howell

Portrait of James Whitcomb Riley

Portrait of Kate Freeman Clark

Portrait of Lady C.

Portrait of Louis Betts

Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler

Portrait of Miss E.

Portrait of Miss F. Deforest

Portrait of Miss Frances V Earle

Portrait of Mme. E. H. Bensel

Portrait of Mrs C. (Alice Gerson Chase)

Portrait of Mrs William Merritt Chase

Portrait of Mrs. C. (Lady in Black; Portrait of a Lady in Black)

Portrait of Mrs. Chase

Portrait of Mrs. William Clark

Portrait of Mrs. William Merritt Chase

Portrait of the Artist's Daughter (Dorothy)

Portrait of Virginia Gerson

Portrait of William Charles Le Gendre

Portrait of Worthington Whittredge

Prospect Park

Prospect Park Brooklyn

Prospect Park (Croquet Lawn, Prospect Park)

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Pulling for Shore

Ready for a Walk, Beatrice Clough Bachmann

Ready For the Ride


Reflections (Canal Scene)

Repair Docks Gowanus Pier

Reverie: A Portrait of a Woman

Ring Toss

Robert Blum

Roland 1902

Sailboat at Anchor


Seashore (A Grey Day)

Seated Figure

Self Portrait

Seventeenth Century Lady 1895

Sheds and Schooner Gloucester

Shell Beach at Shinnecock

Shinnecock Hills

Shinnecock Hills Autumn

Shinnecock Hills From Canoe Place Long Island

Shinnecock Hills Long Island 1900

Shinnecock Hills, Peconic Bay

Shinnecock Landscape

Shinnecock Landscape with Figures

Spanish Girl

Spanish Village

Still Life

Still Life (Brass And Glass)

Still Life - Fruit

Still Life Fish 1908

Still Life with Cockatoo

Still Life with Fish

Still Life with Fruit

Still Life with Pepper and Carrot

Still Life with Vegetables

Still Life with Watermelon

Still Life with China Vase, Copper Pot, an Apple and a Bunch of Grapes

Still Life with Fish and Plate

Stormy Day Bath Beach

Studio Interior

Study in Pink (Portrait of Mrs Robert P McDougal)

Study of a Young Girl

Study of Girl in Japanese Dress


Sunlight and Shadow

Sunlight and Shadow, Shinnecock Hills, c.1895

Sunny Afternoon Shinnecock Hills

Sunny Spain


Swollen Stream At Shinnecock

Terrace Prospect Park

Terrace at the Mall Central Park

Terrace, Prospect Park

The Antiquary Shop

The Apprentice (Boy Smoking)

The Back Yard, Shinnecock, Long Island, New York

The Bathers

The Bayberry Bush

The Big Brass Bowl

The Big Oleander

The Birthday Party (Helen Velasquez Chase)

The Black Kimono

The Burgomaster, 1882

The Chase Homestead Shinnecock

The Cloisters

The Common Central Park

The Consultation

The East River

The Fairy Tale (A Summer Day)

The Garden Wall

The Golden Lady

The Inner Studio, Tenth Street

The Japanese Book

The Japanese Doll

The Japanese Print

The Kimono

The King's Jester

The Lake for Miniature Yachts (Central Park)

The Lone Fisherman

The Mandolin Player

The Mirror

The Model

The Moorish Warrior

The Morning News

The Moroccan Girl

The Nursery

The Old Book

The Olive Grove

The Open Air Breakfast (The Backyard, Breakfast Out of Doors)

The Orangerie

The Park

The Park (In Tompkins Park)

The Park, Mother and Girl

The Pet Canary

The Potato Patch (Garden, Shinnecock)

The Red Gown

The Red Roofs of Haarlem (A Street in Holland)

The Red Sash

The Song

The Tambourine Girl

The Tenth Street Studio

The Turkish Page

The White Fence

The White Rose (Miss Jessup)

The Young Orphan Study of a Young Girl

Tired (Portrait of the Artist's Daughter)

Tompkins Park Brooklyn

Two Arabs

Unexpected Intrusion (Boy Feeding a Cockatoo; Turkish Page)

Venetian Balcony


Venice, View of the Navy Arsenal

View from Central Park

View near Polling

View near Polling with sheep

View of Fiesole

View of Shinnecock Hills

Wash Day - A Back Yard Reminiscence of Brooklyn

Weary (Who Rang?)

When One is Old

Wind Swept Sands, Shinnecock, Long Island

Woman in Green (Lady in Green)

Woman in Kimono Holding a Japanese Fan

Woman in White

Woman on a Dock

Woman with a Basket

Women under Trellis (unfinished)

Young Girl

Young Girl on an Ocean Steamer

Young Girl with Flowers

Young Woman before a Mirror


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