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Italian Family - Theodore Gericault
Taming of Bulls Raft of the Medusa Blacksmiths Signboard Italian Family
Carabinier with his Horse Scene of the Deluge Landscape with an Aqueduct Grey Dapple Horse
Nude Warrior with a Spear Kleptomaniac Charging Chasseur Marina
Derby at Epsom Le Sommeil Des Paysans (The Sleep of Peasants) Head of White Horse Study of a Head
Insane Woman Horse Race Mounted Trumpeters of Napoleons Imperial Guard Young Negro Woman

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Theodore Gericault Catalog


The following titles are some of the Theodore Gericault paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Cock, Two Hens and a Guinea Pig

Academic Study of a Man

Alexandrine-Modeste Caruel

Alfred Dedreux as a Child

Alfred Dedreux with his Sister Elisabeth

Anatomical Pieces

Ancient Chariot Race

Arab Holding the Head of his Dying Horse

Artillery Officer

Artillery Train Passing a Ravine

Artist in his Studio


Barge Horse

Barn of Marechal Ferrant

Battle of the Corsini

Bay Horse

Black Horse in a Stable

Blacksmith's Signboard

Bride of Abidos


Bust portrait of a Negro

Capture of a Brave Horse

Carabinier Officer with his Horse

Carabinier with his Horse

Carpenter of the Medusa

Carriage Gorse

Cart Horse

Carthorse Eating from a Nosebag


Cattle Market

Centaur Kidnapping a Nymph

Cheval De Napoleon

Child Murderer

Coal Car sign

Coal Cars

Croquis de lions



Dappled Grey Horse

Dark Bay Horse in the stable

Dead Horse

Death of Hippolytus

Death of Paris


Derby at Epsom

Deux Chevaux dans une ecurie

Docked Chestnut Horse

Draft Horse by a House

English Butcher on Horseback

English Farrier

English Horse in Stable

English Scenes - Horses

English Scenes - Man on the Street


Episode de la Guerre Coloniale Noir sur un cheval cabre

Episode from Napoleons Retreat from Russia

Episode from the Campaign in Egypt

Epsom Derby

Etude Pour La 'Scene De Deluge'

Eugene Delacroix

Execution in London

Farm Laborers

Father Holding the Body of his Son

Four Jockeys Galloping

Four Studies of Horsemen Holding Lances

Galloping Cossack

General of the First Empire Attacking the Enemy

George IV as Prince of Wales after Harlow


Goat and Sheep in a Landscape

Grand Garde Du Premier De Hussards

Gretchen in the Dungeon, Mourning the Dead Child at Her Feet

Grey Dapple Horse

Gypsum distillery

Harnessed Black Horse

Harnessed Horses

Head of a Dead Young Man

Head of a Negro

Head of an Oriental or Portrait Presumed to be Mustapha

Heads of Roe Deer

Heads Severed

Heroic Landscape with Fishermen

Hindquarters of a Horse in a Stable

Horse Frightened by Lightening

Horse in a Stable

Horse Leaving a Stable

Horse Market Five Horses at the Stake

Horse Race

Horse Races in Rome

Horsemen talking to dismounted officers


Horses Hindquarters

Horses in the Stables


Italian Family

Italian Landscape or Landscape with a Tomb

Italian Mountain Peasant

Jean Baptiste Kleber at St Jean d Acre

Jockey mounted on a racehorse


Kiln at the Plaster Works


Kleptomania Portrait of a Kleptomaniac


La monomane de l'envie, The Mad Woman

La Vierge du Sacr-Coeur

Landscape with an Aqueduct

Le marché aux chevaux

Le Sommeil Des Paysans

Le Songe D'enee

Le Tour a Platre


Leda and the Swan

Light Bay and Grey Horses in a Stable

Little Groom on a Trotting Horse

Lord Byron

Louis XVIII taking a parade on the Champ de Mars

Louise Vernet as a Child

Mad Woman with a Mania of Envy


Madman (The Kidnapper)


Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler

Male Nude half length

Mameluke falling beneath his horse

Man Standing, looking towards the Ground

Man with Delusions of Military Command

Mare and Foal

Marie De Medici At Pont-De-Ce


Mother and her children

Mounted Trumpeters of Napoleon?s Imperial Guard


Mustapha Gericaults servant in the uniform of Colonel Bro

Napoleons Stallion Tamerlan

Nude Man

Nude Warrior with a Spear

Officer of the Chasseurs Commanding a Charge

Officer of the Hussars

Officer of the Hussars Charging on Horseback

Officier De Cavalerie A Cheval

Page Mazeppa

Paysage Classique Matin

Peasant Driving a Cart of Straw


Pen And Brown Ink

Pferd im Gewitter

Plague Victims

Plaster Kiln

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Young Man

Postal Conductor

Race of the Riderless Horses

Race of Wild Horses in Rome

Race on the Corso

Raft of the Medusa

Rearing Stallion held by a Nude Man

Return From Russia

Rider in a Coat trimmed with Fur

Riderless Horse Races

Riderless Racers at Rome

Riders on Prancing Horses

Royal Decree

Scene of the Deluge

Seated Figure

Second study for the Raft of the Medusa

Self Portrait

Severed Heads

Shipwrecked Man

Slave trade

Slaves stopping a Horse

Sleeping Dog

Soldier Berated by a Priest


Still Life of Game

Still Life with Fish

Study for the Charging Casseur

Study for the Race of the Barbarian Horses

Study of a Dapple Grey

Study of a Hand and Arm

Study of a Head

Study of a Male Nude

Study of a Man

Study of A Model

Study of a Torso for the Raft of the Medusa

Study of Feet and Hands

Swiss Guard and Wounded Veteran

Taming of the Bulls


The Kiss

The Raft of the Medusa

The Vendean

The Wreck

Three Children around a Basket

Three Heavy Horses

Three Men Restraining a Horse

Trumpeter of the Hussars

Trumpeters Sounding the Charge

Turk (Mustapha)

Two Leopards

Two Nude Figures

Two Post Horses at the Door of a Stable

Uncertain the Horse in the Stable

View of the Hills of Montmartre

View of Tivoli

White Horse Tavern

Wild Horse Race at Rome

Woman with Gambling Mania

Wounded Officer of the Imperial Guard Leaving the Battlefield

Wounded Soldiers in a cart

Wounded Soldiers Retreating from Russia

Young Man

Young Man

Young Negro Woman

Young Woman (Alexandrine-Modeste Caruel)


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