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What Is A Rolled Canvas vs. A Stretched Canvas?

You will often hear people refer to an oil painting as rolled or stretched.   Below are some helpful definitions.



Rolled Canvas

A rolled canvas is a painting which has not yet been stretched.    Over 98% of our customers order rolled canvases.

 They do this for several reasons.  First, because of the cost of shipping and fuel it is much less expensive to have a

 canvas stretched locally.  Any frame shop or craft store will stretch a canvas.   Second, when having a frame made for

 a painting you will receive a much better fit with your painting if the framer also stretches the canvas.    Third, as well

 as we package stretched paintings the shippers handling our packages are not always careful.   Often times

 with stretched paintings the canvas will loosen in shipping and have to be restretched.  It is also much more likely a

 stretched and framed painting will be damaged in shipping.   Click here to learn why you should always have a painting

framed after it arrives to you.



Stretched Canvas


When an oil painting is framed it is first stretched over what are called stretcher bars.   A stretcher bar is

a small wooden frame the canvas is stretched over and stapled to before it is placed in a frame.  



An example of a stretcher bar


Click here to see how stretching a canvas is done.



How Much Will Stretching Cost?


Any local frame shop or craft store which frames paintings will also be able to your stretch painting.  For a 24 x 36 

inch canvas you should expect to pay $50 - $70 for stretching depending on your location.   We suggest you call for

 local prices.     One option is the national chain of Michaels Crafts Stores.   As part of Michaels weekly marketing

they run a 40%-50% off coupon in the local newspapers which includes stretching and framing services.   Their

price with this coupon is very inexpensive and they do a great job.  You can also find the Michaels framing coupons

by clicking here to view Michaels Weekly Ad.    If you would like some other suggestions for savings on stretching

costs give us a call at 888.284.9671.


Does Canvas Replicas Stretch Paintings?


We will stretch paintings up to and including 12 x 16 inches.   We will only ship stretched paintings inside the United

 States.   As mentioned above, 98% of our customers prefer to have it done locally but we offer limited stretching to

 those who may not have a local frame shop. 


What Is The Image Size Of The Painting And Is There Extra Canvas For Stretching?


With each Canvas Replicas painting we provide an extra 1.25-1.5 inches of blank canvas along each edge to help

 when stretching a canvas.    For example, if you order a 24 x 36 inch painting, the image size of the painting will be

 24 x 36 inches and then you will have an additional 1.25-1.5 inches of blank canvas on each edge for stretching.   If

 you would like to do a gallery wrap on the painting you can request additional blank canvas on the edges by

contacting us.


To contact Canvas Replicas please call us at 888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or email us at



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