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Snow in New York - Robert Henri

Johnnie Patton - Robert Henri 

Salome - Robert Henri 

Sunlight Girl on Avalon Beach - Robert Henri 

Snow in New York Johnnie Patton Salome Sunlight Girl on Avalon Beach

At Far Rockaway - Robert Henri

Fay Bainter - Robert Henri 

Lounge (Figure on a Couch) - Robert Henri 

Pegeen - Robert Henri 

At Far Rockaway Fay Bainter Lounge (Figure on a Couch) Pegeen

Little Irishman - Robert Henri

Landscape with Figure in Pink - Robert Henri

Misty Effect, Paris - Robert Henri

Artists in the Woods - Robert Henri

Little Irishman Landscape with Figure in Pink

Misty Effect, Paris

Artists in the Woods

Nocturne - Robert Henri

Street Scene with Snow - Robert Henri

Cumulus Clouds on the East River - Robert Henri

Mary Ann Caferty - Robert Henri

Nocturne Street Scene with Snow

Cumulus Clouds on the East River

Mary Ann Caferty

Old Houses in Normandie - Robert Henri

Stone Wall with Woods - Robert Henri

Little Country Girl - Robert Henri

Street Corner in Paris - Robert Henri

Old Houses in Normandie Stone Wall with Woods

Little Country Girl

Street Corner in Paris

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Robert Henri Catalog


The following titles are some of the Robert Henri paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

Agnes in Red (Agnes Schleicher)

Among the Rocks Monhegan Island Maine

Artists in the Woods

At Far Rockaway

Au Jardin Du Luxembourg

Beagrice Whittaker

Berna Escudero

Betalo Nude

Betalo 'The Dancer'

Blind Spanish Singer

Blond Bridget Lavelle

Boy with a Green Cap (Chico)

Bridget in Red

Bridgie (Girl with Chinese Dress)

Bucko O Malley (Charles)

Cafe Du Dome (On the Boulevard Montparnasse)


Carl Schleicher



Chico (Chico Lucera)

Chow Choy


Cori with a Balloon

Cumulus Clouds, East River

Dancer in a Yellow Shawl

Dancer of Delhi (Betalo Rubino)

Dark Bridget Lavelle


Dutch Joe (Jopie van Slouten)

Dutch Soldier

Early Morning Venice


El Segoviano

El Tango

Fete Du Dieu Concarneau

Fisherman's Daughter



George Luks

Girl in Rose and Gray Miss Carmel White

Gray Dunes

Gregorita with the Santa Clara Bowl 1917


Gypsy Mother (Maria Y Consuelo)

Gypsy with Cigarette

Hughie the Poet

In Amsterdam

In the Garden of the Luxembourg

In the Wyoming Valley

Indian Girl

Irish Boy

Irish Boy (Thomas Cafferty)

Irish Cottage

Irish Girl (Mary Lavelle)

Isolina Maldonado Spanish Dancer

Jessica Penn in Black with White Plumes

Johnnie Patton


Julianita Ready for the Dance

La Madrelenita

La Mora

La Reina Mora

Landscape with Figure in Pink

Laughing Child

Laughing Gypsy Girl


Leunkin Bay June

Listening Boy

Little Carl (Karl Schleicher)

Little Country Girl

Little Dutch Girl

Little Girl in Red (Agnes in Red)

Little Indian

Lough Fadda Connemara

Maine Landscape

Maria Y Consuelo (Gitana)

Marine Storm Sea

Marine with Rocks

Marjorie in a Yellow Shawl


Mary Ann Caferty

Mary O Dee

Mata Moana

Mildred O Hat

Miss Kaji Waki

Misty Effect Paris

Modestilla De Madrid

Modiste of Madrid

Monhegan Island Maine

Morning Reflections

Newsgirl Madrid Spain



O in Black with Scarf (Marjorie Organ Henri)

O Malley Home (Achill Island County Mayo Ireland)

Old Houses in Normandie




Pequot Light House Connecticut Coast

Pink Smock

Place in Paris

Po Tse Water Eagle

Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of Anne M. Tucker

Portrait of Boby

Portrait of Cara in a Red Dress

Portrait of Catherine O Malley

Portrait of Colonel David Perry, 9th U. S. Cavalry

Portrait of Doris Trautman

Portrait of El Matador Felix Asiego

Portrait of Faith

Portrait of Fay Bainter

Portrait of Jean McVitty

Portrait of Katherine Cecil Sanford

Portrait of Katie McNamara

Portrait of Mary Ann

Portrait of Mary Fanton Roberts

Portrait of Mary Patten

Portrait of Miss Leora Dryer in Riding Custume

Portrait of Mrs. Edward H. (Catherine) Bennett

Portrait of Stella

Portrait of Thomas Anschutz

Portrait of Tillie

Portrait of Willie Gee

Procession in Spain

Spanish Landscape with Figures

Reclining Nude (Barbara Brown)



Sammy and His Mother

Sarah B

Segovia Girl Half Length

Segovia Man in Fur Trimmed Hat

Segovian Girl

Seventh Avenue in the Snow


Sissy in Yellow

Sketchers in the Woods

Skipper Mick

Smiling Tom 1924


Snow in New York

Spanish Dancing Girl

Spanish Girl

Spanish Girl of Segovia (Peasant Girl of Segovia)

Spanish Urchin (Laugh Cheeks)

Spanish Woman in a Red Shawl

St. Nozaire, France

Stephen Greene

Storm Weather Wyoming Valley

Street Corner in Paris

Street Scene with Snow

Summer Storm

Sunlight Girl on Beach Avalon

Sylvester Smiling

Tam Gan


The Art Student (Miss Josephine Nivison)

The Beach Hat

The Bishop

The Blue Kimono

The Goat Herder (Mexican Boy)

The Green Coat

The Irish Boy in Blue Denim Anthony Lavelle

The Laughing Boy (Jobie)

The Laundress

The Little Irishman

The Lounge (Figure on a Couch)

The Louvre

The March Wind

The Model Nude

The Red Top

The Stone Wall with Woods

The Waiter

The Young Girl


Tommy (Thomas Cafferty)

Two Girls in the Woods

Under the Trees Monhegan

Viv (New York)

Viv In Blue Stripe

Viv Reclining (Nude)

Woodland Scene Monhegan Maine

Young Anthony

Young Buck of the Tesuque Pueblo

Young Sport

Zara Levy Nude

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