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Understanding Oil Reproductions


There are several levels of quality in oil reproductions.    Understanding the grades of quality is key to purchasing a work which suits your needs.    There are essentially three levels of quality in Oil Reproductions.


Museum Quality


The Museum level is considered the best investment for a reproduction.  The matching of elements such as paint tone and brush stroke features are excellent.    For our Museum quality level reproductions we use only the highest quality canvases and Winsor & Newton oil paints.   All of Canvas Replicas reproductions are Museum quality.     You click here to see the reproduction process or click here to view some samples of our finished works.


Retail Quality


Retail level is a general reproduction of the elements, colors, shades and details of the original.   Retail quality lacks the precise care to the details of the painting.   The color and shades will be similar but distinctly different even to the untrained eye.   The caliber of the oil paints and the canvases are medium quality.    These are the quality of paintings you will see sold at traveling art shows, department stores or outdoor markets.


Commercial Quality


This is the lowest level of quality available.   You will rarely find Masters’ reproductions in commercial quality.    These paintings are a poor rendition with coloring, shading and details which vaguely resemble the original.    The canvases they are painted on are low quality, synthetic textiles.  You will generally find these paintings in hotels and office buildings.  


Automated Reproductions


At Canvas Replicas, we individually commission hand-painted oil-on-canvas reproductions providing all the texture and elements of the original painting.


There are several prominent catalog companies which create reproductions using computer imagining technologies.  These techniques essentially print an image onto canvas much the same way ink-jet technology works.    These catalog companies will then have artists add some subtle brushstrokes of paint attempting to give the print some depth and create the illusion of texture. 


Most people buy these automated prints or giclees expecting the same texture and elements of the hand-painted original, and are disappointed with the results.   These prints should be considered commercial quality at best; however, some distributors try to sell these as Museum quality paintings.  


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