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Rosa Centifolia - Pierre Redoute
Pomegranate Lilium Superbum Carnation and Christmas Rose Rosa Centifolia
Plantain Lily Iris Plicata Rosa Clinophylla Camellias, Narcissus, and Pansies
Rosa Gallica Aurelianensis Rosa Moschata Plum Branches Intertwined Amaryllis Curvifolia
Les Liliacees Crinum Americanum Amaryllis Vittata Rosa Indica
Amaryllis Bresiliensis Fraisier a Bouguets Strelitzia Reginae Poppy

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

We can also provide all of the paintings you find at the following link: Paintings by Pierre Redoute
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Pierre Redoute Catalog


The following titles are some of the Pierre Redoute paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Bouquet of Daffodils and Narcissi

A Bouquet of Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus)

A bouquet with Violas, Carnations, Jasmine and a Poppy

A Bunch of Flowers with Bluebells, Daffodils, and an Admiral Butterfly

A Bunch of Flowers with a Blue Iris and Red Auriculae

A Caribbean New World Pancratius Lily (Pancratium Speciosum)

A Flowering Cactus

Acacia Armata

Adelia Aurelianensis

Aeonium Caespitosum

Agapanthus Umbrellatus

Allium ampeloprasum

Allium Tataricum - Ail De Tartarie

Aloe Rhodacantha

Alstraemeria Ligtu

Alstroemeria Ligtu (Inca Lily)

Amaryllis Atamasco

Amaryllis Aurea - Amaryllis Doree

Amaryllis Brasiliensis

Amaryllis Curvifolia

Amaryllis Formosissima

Amaryllis Vittata, from Les Liliacees Amaryllisees

Anemone Simple, from Les Choix des Plus Belles Fleurs

Anthericum Milleflorum

Asparagus Amarus, Wild Asparagus

Asparagus Horridus



Blossoming Cactus with botanical Studies of its Flower

Bouquet w/Roses, Peonies, Delphiniums and Daisies

Bouquet of Pansies

Bromelia Ananas

Bromella Karatas

Bunch of Mixed Carnations and White Marigolds

Camellia Japonica

Camellias, Narcissus and Pansies


Campanula: Medium Canterbury Bell

Centifolia Foliacea

Christmas Rose, Helleborus Niger & Red Carnation

Christmas Roses

Cineraria Cruenta, from Sertum Angelicum

Crinum Americanum

Crinum Erubescens or Crinum Rougeatr

Crown Imperial I

Currants Red

Dalea simplex

Echium Grandiflorum

Euphorbia Mellifera


Fragaria Strawberry

Fritillaria Imperialis


Geranium Variety Cranes-bill

Gladiolus Cardinalis

Gladiolus Carneus

Gladiolus Hirsulus

Gladiolus Laccatus

Gladiolus Merianus

Globba Nutans


Hemerocallis Caerulea

Hemerocallis Flava

Hemerocallis Fulva 'Day Lily'

Hemerocallis Fulva Lily

Hemerocallis Fulva

Hibiscus Syriacus

Hyacinth, Cyclamen and Narcissi

Hyacinthus Viridis

Hydrangea, hyacinths, Saint-Jacques lilies and Daisies


Iris Florentina

Iris Germanica

Iris Luxiana

Iris Monnieri

Iris Pallida

Iris Pseudacorus

Iris Scorpioides

Iris Xiphium

Iris Xyphioides

Ixiolirion Tataricum (Mountain Amaryllis)

Japanese Tree Peony Paeonia suffruticosa


Lilium Candidum

Lilium Martagon

Lilium Penduliflorum

Lilium Superbum

Magnolia macrophylla

Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot)

Methonica Superba

Morning Glory

Narcissus Gouani

Narcissus Lazetta


New Crimson Double Sweet Briar of New York

Ornithogalum Aureum

Paeonia Moutan

Pancratium speciosum

Phlox Reptans

Pitcairnia Angustifolia (Long-leaved Pitcairnia)

Plantain Lily

Polianthes Tuberosa


Portland Rose

Primula auricula

Primula Primrose

Rosa Acicularis Viridis

Rosa Alba Cimbaefolia

Rosa Alba flore pleno

Rosa Alba Foliacea

Rosa Alba Regalis

Rosa Alpina

Rosa alpina laevis

Rosa banksiae Bankss rose

Rosa Bengale the Hymenes

Rosa Berberifolia

Rosa Bifera Officinalis

Rosa Brevistyla Leucochroa

Rosa Campanulata Alba

Rosa Candolleana Elegans

Rosa Centifolia

Rosa Centifolia Anglica Rubra

Rosa Centifolia Bipinnata

Rosa Centifolia Bullata

Rosa Centifolia Carnea

Rosa Centifolia Caryophyllea

Rosa Centifolia Mutabilis

Rosa Centifolia Prolifera Foliacea

Rosa chinensis and Rosa gigantea

Rosa Cinnamomea Flore Simplici

Rosa Cinnamomea Maialis

Rosa Collina fastigiata

Rosa Damascena Subalba

Rosa damascena variegata York and Lancaster rose

Rosa Damascena

Rosa Eglantera Punicea

Rosa Eglanteria

Rosa Eglanteria Luteola

Rosa Eglanteria Var. Punicea

Rosa Gallica (Purpuro Violacea-Magna)

Rosa Gallica Agatha Prolifera

Rosa Gallica Aurelianensis

Rosa Gallica Caerulea

Rosa Gallica Flore Giganteo

Rosa Gallica Flore Marmoreo

Rosa Gallica Granatus

Rosa Gallica Gueriniana

Rosa Gallica Pontiana

Rosa Gallica Purpurea Velutina, Parva

Rosa Gallica Regalis

Rosa Gallica Rosea Flore Simplici

Rosa Gallica Versicolor French rose

Rosa Geminata

Rosa Hudsoniana Salicifolia

Rosa Indica

Rosa Indica Caryophyllea

Rosa Indica Fragrans

Rosa Indica Sertulata

Rosa Indica Vulgaris

Rosa indica

Rosa Inermis

Rosa Kamtschatica

Rosa Leucantha

Rosa LHeritieranea

Rosa Longifolia

Rosa Lumila

Rosa Lutea and Rosa Indica

Rosa Mollissima

Rosa Moschata Flora Semi-Pleno

Rosa moschata (Musk Rose)

Rosa Multiflora Carnea

Rosa Muscosa Anemone-Flora

Rosa Noisettiana

Rosa Pimpinelli-Folia Inermis

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Alba Flore Multiplei

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Flore Variegato

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Mariaeburgensis

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Rubra Flore Multiplici

Rosa pomponia

Rosa Pumila

Rosa Rapa

Rosa Redutea glauca

Rosa Rubiginosa Cretica

Rosa Rubiginosa Flore Semi-Pleno

Rosa Rubiginosa Nemoralis

Rosa Rubrifolia

Rosa Sepium Flore Submultiplici

Rosa Tomentosa

Rosa Turbinata

Rose, anemone and Clematide

Rose, Muscosa Multiple


Roses, Peonies, Morning Glory and other Flowers in a Vase

Sanseviera Carnea


Sisyrinchium Collinum

Strelitzia Reginae

Sweet Peas Lathyrus Odoratur

Tradescantia Erecta

Tulipa Gesneriana Dracontia

Tulipa Oculis-Solis

Vase of Flowers

Vase of Lilacs

Viola Tricolour


Wachendorfia Thyrsiflora

White Roses, White Peony

Wreath of Roses

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