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Woman with Mango Nevermore Martinique Self Portrait Les Miserables
 Self Portrait Caricature - Paul Gauguin

Joyousness (Arearea)

Overstock item available

Self Portrait Caricature

Hail Mary

(Ia Orana Maria)

Loss of Virginity
Mimi and Her Cat Vahine No Te Vi Pastorales Tahitiennes Matamoe Landscape with Peacocks
Parau Api (News of the Day) Conte Barbares

Portrait of Cellist

Upaupa Scheklud

Among the Lilies
Moulin David Alyscamps Mysterious Apple Trees in Blossom
Ford (Running Away) Man Picking Fruit Great Buddha Cattle Drinking
Spirit of the Dead Watching At the Pond Nativity (Recto) Haystacks in Brittany
Horse on Tahitian Road Night Cafe at Arles At the Foot of a Mountain (Fatata te mouā) Two Breton Women
Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin Ondine Manao Tupapao (Femme Maorie) Aube the Sculptor and His Son

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

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Paul Gauguin Catalog


The following titles are some of the Paul Gauguin paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com.

A Clearing

A Little Washerwoman

A Meadow on the Banks of the Aven

A Tahitian Woman with a Flower in Her Hair

Aarearea II (Joyousness)

Abandoned Garden Rouen

Adam and Eve

Aha Oe Feii (What Are You Jealous)

Aita Parari Te Tamari Vahine Judith (Portrait Of Annah the Javanese)

Aline Gauguin and One of Her Brothers

Among the Lillies

And the Gold of Their Bodies

Apple Trees at L Hermitage

Apples Jug Iridescent Glass

Apples and Bowl

Arearea (Joyousness)

Arearea No Varua Ino


Around the Huts

At the Black Rocks (Rocks by the Sea)

At the Foot of the Mountain

At the Pond

At the Window


Autumn Landscape (Farm and Pond)

Aven Valley Upstream of Pont Aven

Baby (The Nativity)

Back View of a Breton Woman

Banks of the Oise

Bare Trees

Basket of Flowers

Bathers Breton Boy

Bathing Dieppe

Bathing Place Pont Aven Port

Bathing Woman

Beach at Le Pouldu

Blue Barge

Blue Roofs Rouen

Blue Trees

Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin

Boquet of Peonies on a Musical Score

Bordeaux Harbor

Bouquet of Flowers

Boy by the Water

Breton Shepherdess

Breton Boy

Breton Boy by the Aven River

Breton Boy in a Landscape

Breton Boys Wrestling

Breton Cheerfulness

Breton Fishermen

Breton Girls by the Sea

Breton Girls Dancing (Dancing a Round in the Haystacks)

Breton Landscape

Breton Landscape Fields by the Sea (Le Pouldu)

Breton Peasants 1894

Breton Shepherdess

Breton Village in the Snow

Breton Woman and Goose by the Water

Breton Woman in Prayer

Breton Woman with Pitcher

Breton Women at a Fence

Breton Women at the Turn

Bretoni Landscape with Schweinehirt

Bretons and Cows

Brittany Landscape

Bust of a Nude Girl

By the Seashore

By the Stream Autumn

Cabin Under the Trees

Cail Factories and Quai De Grenelle

Captain Jacob

Caricature Self Portrait

Cattle Drinking (Edge of the Pond)

Cavalier Devant La Case

Chicken Coup

Children in the Pasture (Orchard below Bihorel Church)

China Asters Hat and Book

Chou Quarries at Pontoise

Chou Quarry Hole in the Cliff

Christ in the Garden of Olives

Christmas Night

Clearing I

Cliff Near Dieppe


Clovis Gauguin Asleep

Contes Barbares (Primitive Tales)


Corner of the Garden Rue Carcel

Cottages on Mount Sainte Marguerite

Cove Opposite Pont Aven Harbor

Cow in a Meadow Rouen

Cows By the Sea

Crouching Marquesan Woman See From the Back

Dahlias and Mandolin

Dahlias in a Copper Vase

Daisies and Peonies in a Blue Vase

Delectable Waters

Dogs Running through a Field

Donkey by the Lane

Double Portrait of a Young Girl (Mademoiselle Lafuite)

Ea Haere La Oe (Where Are You Going)

Eilaha Ohipa (Not Working)

Etudes de tetes et de personnages

Evening Primroses in a Vase

Faa Iheihe

Faaturuma (Melancholy)

Family of the Artist in the Garden

Farm in Brittany

Farm in Osny

Fatata Te Miti (By the Sea)

Fatata Te Moua (At the Big Mountain)

Fields at Le Pouldu

Fire by the Water

First Spring Flowers

Fishermen and Bathers on the Aven

Floral and Vegetable Motifs

Flower Piece

Flowers and a Bird

Flowers and Carpet

Flowers and Carpet (Pansies)

Flowers and Cats

Flowers and Japanese Book

Flowers in a Fruit Bowl

Flowers of France

Flutist On the Cliffs

Forest Edge

Forest Path

Four Breton Women


Fruit in a Bowl

Garden in the Snow

Garden View Rouen

Gauguin at His Easel

Geburt Christi, des Gottessohnes (Te tamari no atua)

Geese in the Meadow

Geese on the Farm

Girl with a Fan

Grape Harvest in Arles (Human Misery)

Gratte Coqs Path

Green Christ (Breton Calvary)

Haere Mai Venezi (Come Here)

Haere Pape


Haymaking in Brittany

Haymaking Near Dieppe

Haystack Near Arles

Haystacks in Britanny (The Potato Field)

Head of a Tahitian Woman


Herrliches Land (Te nave nave fenua)


Hina Tefatou (The Moon and the Earth)

Horse and Cow in a Field

Horse on Road Tahitian Landscape

Horsemen on the Beach

Houses Vaugirard

Houses In Le Pouldu

Human Misery

Huts Under the Trees

I Rara Te Oviri (Beneath The Pandanus Tree)

I Rare You Oviri

I Raro Te Oviri

Ia Orana Maria (Hail Mary)

Idyll in Tahitgi

Idyll in Tahiti

In Brittany

In Olden Times

In the Forest Saint Cloud

In the Heat of the Day

In the Vanilla Grove Man and Horse (The Rendezvous)

Ingeborg Thaulow

Interior of the Painters House Rue Carcel

Ja Orana Ritou (Self Portrait of the Artist at His Drawing Table Tahiti)

Joan oOf Arc

Kelp Gatherers

Kneeling Cow

La Belle Angele (Madame Angele Satre The Inkeeper At Pont Aven)

La Groue Farm Osny


Landscape Farmhouse in Arles

Landscape (Paysage)

Landscape at La Dominique

Landscape at Le Pouldu the Isolated House

Landscape at Pont-Aven

Landscape at Tahiti

Landscape with Black Pigs and a Crouching Tahitian

Landscape with Cows In an Orchard

Landscape with Geese

Landscape with Poplars

Landscape with Three Figures

Landscape with Three Trees

Landscape with Two Goats

Landscape, Farmhouse in Arles

Lane at Alchamps Arles

Lane through the Beaches

Les Alychamps

Les Miseres Humaines

Lilac Bouquet

Little Breton Bather

Little Breton Shepherd

Little Cat

Little Girl

Little Girls (Landscape with Two Breton Girls)

Lollichon Field

Lollichon Field and Pont Aven Church

M. Loulou

Madame Mette Gauguin in an Evening Dress

Madame Roulin

Madeleine Bernard

Mahana Maa I (The Moment of Truth)

Mahana No Atua (Day of the Gods)

Man with a Toque

Man with an Ax

Manao Tupapau (Spirit of the Dead Watching)

Mandolin on a Chair

Mango Pickers Martinique

Marahi Metua No Tehamana (Tehamana Has Many Ancestors)

Marquesan Landscape with a Horse

Martinique Landscape (Comings and Goings)

Mas Near Arles

Mata Mua

Matamoe (Landscape with Peacocks)


Maternity (Three Woman on the Seashore)

Mau Taporo (The Lemon Picker)

Meadow in Martinique

Meal of Bananas

Mette Asleep on a Sova

Meu Taporo (Picking Lemons)

Meyer De Haan

Miraculous Source

Month of Maria

Mount Sainte Marguerite From Near the Presbytery

Mountain Landscape

Mountains In Tahiti

Ms Loulou 1890

Musique Barbare

Nafeaffaa Ipolpo (When Will You Marry)

Nasturtiums and Dahlias In a Basket

Nave Nave Feuna Leve Tahitienne (Beautiful Land Tahitian Eve)

Nave Nave Mahana (Delightful Day)

Nave Nave Moe (Delightful Drowsiness)

Near Rouen

Negreries Martinique

Nevermore Oh Tahiti

Night Cafe at Arles

Nirvana (Portrait of Meyer De Hasn)

No Te Aha Oe Riri (Why Are You Angry)

Noa Noa Album

Nostalgic Promenade

Notre Dame Des Agnes Rouen

Old Maids

Old Women at Arles ( Women from Arles in the Public Gardens the Mistral)

On the Abyss

Osny Rue De Pontoise Winter

Osny the Gate Busagny Farm

Ostervold Park Copenhagen

Otahi (Alone)

Palm Trees at Martinique

Pape Moe (Mysterious Water)

Parahi Te Marae (There Lies the Temple)

Parau Api (What News)

Parau Na Te Varua Ino (Words of the Devil)

Parau Parau (Klatscherei)

Paris in the Snow

Party Wall

Paru Paru (Whispered Words)

Path Down to the Aven

Pears and Grapes

Peasant Woman and Cows in a Landscape

Pere Jeans Path

Pissarros Garden Quai Du Pothuis Pontoise

Piti Teina (Two Sisters)

Pond with Ducks (Girl Amusing Herself)

Pont Aven in the Snow

Pont Aven Woman and Child

Poplars Osny

Port De Grenelle

Port De Javel

Portrait de l'Artiste

Portrait of a Child

Portrait of a Little Boy

Portrait of a Man Wearing a Lavalliere

Portrait of a Pont Aven Woman

Portrait of a Seated Man

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman with Cezanne Still Life

Portrait of a Young Woman Vaite (Jeanne) Goupil

Portrait of Achille Granchi Taylor

Portrait of Aline

Portrait of Aline Gauguin

Portrait of Camille Pisarro

Portrait of Claude Antoine Charles Favre

Portrait of Ingeborg Thaulow

Portrait of Isidore Gauguin

Portrait of Louis Roy

Portrait of Madame Alexander Kholer

Portrait of Madame Gauguin

Portrait of Madeline Bernard

Portrait of Philibert Favre

Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge

Portrait of the Artist with the Idol

Portrait of Two Children (Paul and Jean Schuffenecker)

Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers (Villa Rotunda by Emma Ciardi)

Portrait of William Molard

Pots and Bouquets

Rave Te Htit Aamy (The Idol)

Red Hat

Red Roof By the Water

Redheaded Woman and Sunflowers

Returning From the Harvest (Manuring)


Riders on the Beach

River Aven Below Mount Sainte Marguerite

River Bank in Winter

River Under the Trees Martinique


Riverside (Breton Landscape)

Road in Tahiti

Rochers Sur La Cote Bretonne

Rocks and Sea

Rocks on the Breton Coast

Rocks on the Coast

Rocky Coast

Rouen Spring

Rouen Landscape

Rouen Suburb

Rouen, Spring

Rowan Bouquet

Rue Jouvenet Rouen

Rupe Rupe (Obsternte)

Savage Poems

Scenery in Brittany

Scenes From Tahitian Live

Schooner and Three Master

Schuffenecker's Studio (Schuffenecker Family)

Sea Tragedies

Seascape with Cow On the Edge of a Cliff

Seashore Martinique

Seaside Harvest Le Pouldu

Seated Breton Girl

Seaweed Gatherers

Seed of the Areoi (Te aa no areois)


Self Portrait

Self Portrait Les Miserables

Self Portrait at Lezaven

Self Portrait with Hat

Self Portrait with Palette

Self Portrait with Spectacles

Self Portrait with Yellow Christ

Shepherd and Shepherdess In a Meadow

Skaters In Fredericksberg Park

Snow Rue Carcel

Snow at Vaugirard

Spirit of the Dead Keeps Watch

Stable Near Dieppe

Still Clay Jug and Iron Mug

Still Life Fete Gloanec

Still Life the White Bowl

Still life before a Pass

Still Life in an Interior Copenhagen

Still Life Ripipont

Still Life with a Mandolin

Still Life with Apples Pear and Ceramic Portrait Jug

Still Life with Apples and Green Vase

Still Life with Carafe and Ceramic Figure

Still Life with Chinese Peonies and Mandolin

Still Life with Fan

Still life with Fruit Bowl and Lemons

Still Life with Fruit Plate

Still life with Fruits, Basket and Measurer

Still Life with Horses Head

Still Life with Japanese Print

Still life with Japanese woodcut

Still Life with Jug and Red Mullet

Still Life with L Esperance

Still Life with Mangoes

Still Life with Mangoes and Hisbiscus

Still Life with Mig and Carafe

Still Life with Onions Beetroot and a Japanese Print

Still Life with Oranges

Still Life with Oysters

Still Life with Parrots

Still Life with Peaches

Still Life with Profile of Laval

Still Life with Sunflowers on an Armchair

Still Life with Tahitian Oranges

Still Life with Teapot and Fruit

Still Life with Three Puppies

Still Life Fete Gloanec

Still Life The White Bowl

Still Life Clay Jug and Iron Mug

Stream at Osny

Street, Osny

Street Rouen

Street in Rouen

Suburb Under Snow


Sunken Lane

Sunken Path Wooded Rose

Suzanne Sewing

Ta Matete (The Market)

Tahiti with Mango

Tahiti Woman with Fruit

Tahitian Landscape

Tahitian Man with His Arms Raised

Tahitian Pastoral

Tahitian Pastorals

Tahitian Scene

Tahitian Village

Tahitian Woman

Tahitian Woman and Boy

Tahitian Woman and Two Children

Tahitian Woman in a Landscape

Tahitian Woman near a River

Tahitian Woman's Head

Tahitian Women Bathing

Tahitian Women Under the Palms

Tahitians at Rest

Taperaa Mahana

Te Aa No Areois (The Seed of Areoi)

Te Arii Vahine (The Kings Wife)

Te Arii Vahine (The Queen of Beauty)

Te Avae No Maria (Month of Mary)

Te Faaturuma (The Brooding Woman)

Te Faruru

Te Poipoi

Thatched Hut under Palm Trees

The Alyscamps

The Artist's Children, Impasse Malherne

The Aven Running Through Pont Aven

The Bathers

The Beach at Pouldu

The Beautiful Angele

The Big Tree

The Black Pigs

The Blue Roof

The Boss’ Daughter

The Call

The Canoe a Tahitian Family

The Cellist (Portrait of Fritz Scheklud)

The Cliffs of Le Bouille

The Clog Maker

The Coast of Bellangenay

The Creek Le Pouldu

The Dream

The Encounter

The Family in the Garden Rue Carcel

The Fisherwomen of Tahiti

The Ford (Flight)

The Garden in Winter Rue Carcel

The Gate (The Swineherd)

The Great Buddah

The Green Christ

The Guitar Player

The Ham

The House of Hymns

The Large Tree

The Large Trees

The Little Valley

The Loss of Virginity (The Awakening of Spring)

The Magician of Hivaoa

The Makings if a Bouquet

The Market Gardens of Vaugirard

The Meal (The Bananas)

The Messengers of Oro

The Milkmaid

The Moulin du Boid d'Amour Bathing Place

The Offering

The Port Dieppe

The Port of Rouen

The Red Cow

The Rendezvous

The Road Up

The Schmollende

The Schuffenecker Family

The Sculptor Aube and His Son

The Seine Pont D Iena Snowing

The Seine in Paris

The Seine Opposite the Quai De Passy

The Seine, Pont d'Iena

The Siesta

The Square Basin (Pond)

The Swineherd

The Swineherd, Brittany

The Thick Tree

The Tree in the Farm Yard

The Vision after the Sermon

The Vision after the Sermon (Jacob) Wrestling the Ange

The Wave

The White Horse

The White Tablecloth (Still Life With Cherries)

The Willows

The Yellow Crist

Three Huts, Tahiti

Three Tahitian Women

Three Tahitian Women against a Yellow Background

Three Tahitians

Tomatoes and a Pewter Tankard on a Table

Tree Lined Road Rouen

Tropical Conversation

Tropical Vegetation

Turkeys (Pont Aven Landscape)

Two Breton Peasants on the Road

Two Cows in the Meadow

Two Girls Bathing

Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach

Two small Bretons near the Sea

Two Tahitian Girls

Two Tahitian Women

Two Vases of Flowers and a Fan

Two Women (Flowered Hair)

Two Women (Mother and Daughter)

Two Women on the Beach

Upaupa (Fire Dance)

Vahine No Te Miti (Woman by the Sea)

Vahine No Te Tiare (Woman with a Flower)

Vahine No Te Vi (Woman with a Mango)


Vase of Flowers

Vase of Flowers (after Delacroix)

Vase of Flowers and Window

Vase of Nasturtiums

Vase of Peonies

Vaugirard Church

Viaraumati Tei Oa (Her Name Is Viaraumati)

View of Pont Aven From Lezaven

View of the Beach at Bellangenay

Village in the Snow

Village on Tahiti with Women on a Path

Village Street Osny

Vincent Van Gogh Painting Sun Flowers

Vision after the Sermon: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

Washerwoman at Simonou Mill Pont Aven


Washerwomen at Pont-Aven

Washerwomen at the Roubine Du Roi Arles



Watering Place

What Are You Jealous

Where Are You Going

Where Do We Come From What Are We Doing Where Are We Going

White Horse

White House

Willow by the Aven


Windmil Ostervold Park

Winter (Young Breton Boy Adjusting His Clog)

Winter Landscape Effect of Snow (Snow at Vaugirard)

Winter Landscape, Effect of Snow

Winters End

Woman Embroidering

Woman in the Waves (Ondine)

Woman on the Banks of the River

Woman with Mango

Women and Mould

Women At the Riverside

Women Bathing Dieppe

Women of Tahiti

Working the Land

Yellow Christ

Yellow Haystacks (Golden Harvest)

Young Breton By the Sea

Young Breton Woman

Young Girl Dreaming (Child Asleep the Painters Daughter Line Rue Carcel)

Young Man with a Flower

Young Woman at a Window

Young Woman Lying in the Grass



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