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Christ & the Adulteress - Lorenzo Lotto

Venus & Cupid - Lorenzo Lotto

Annunciation 1527 - Lorenzo Lotto

Lucretia 1533 - Lorenzo Lotto

Christ & the Adulteress

Venus & Cupid



To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Lorenzo Lotto Catalog


The following titles are some of the Lorenzo Lotto paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com.

A Lady with a Drawing of Lucretia

A Nobleman on a Balcony  


Allegory of Chastity  

Allegory of Prudence and Wisdom

Altar of Recanati polyptych

Altar of Santa Cristina al Tiverone

Altar of St. Lucia

Altar polyptych of San Bartolomeo

Andrea Odoni

Angel collecting blood from the wounds of Christ

Angel of the Annunciation



Asolo Altarpiece  

Bishop Bernardo de' Rossi

Bishop Bernardo de' Rossi

Bust of a Bearded Man

Charity of St. Anthony

Christ and the Adulteress

Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ Leading the Apostles to Mount Tabor

Christ's farewell to Mary



Deposition of Christ

Enthroned Madonna with Angels and Saints  

Febo da Brescia

Fra Gregorio Belo di Vicenza

Frescoes in the Oratory Suardi in Trescore

Gentleman in his Study

Gentleman with a Rosary

Gentleman with Gloves, c.1543

Gentleman with Lion Paw

Giorgione Barbarelli

Giovanni della Volta with his Wife and Children

Giovanni Pietro Crivelli

Holy Family with Angels and Saints

Holy Family with St. Catherine of Alexandria

Husband and Wife

Laura da Pola, wife of Febo da Brescia

Legend of St. Barbara

Lucina Brembati

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Four Saints

Madonna and Child with Saint Peter Martyr

Madonna and Child with St. Jerome, St. Joseph and St. Anne

Madonna and Child with Sts Peter, Christine, Liberale, and Jerome

Madonna and St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. James the Greater and an angel

Madonna of the Rosary

Madonna of the Roses

Madonna with a Bishop and St. Onuphrius

Madonna with St. Jerome and St. Anthony of Padua

Madonna with St. Roch and St. Sebastian

Man in Black Silk Cloak

Man with a Felt Hat  

Man with a Golden Paw

Man with Letter  

Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Catherine of Siena

Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine with the patron Niccolo Bonghi


Nativity of Christ

Nativity of Mary


Polyptych Ponteranica

Portrait of a Bearded Man

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a Jeweler

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Musician

Portrait of a Woman  

Portrait of a Young Man

Portrait of Giovanni Agostino della Torre and his son Niccolo

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Self Portrait

Signor Marsilio Cassotti and his Wife, Faustina

Sleeping Apollo, Muses and Fama

St. Catherine of Alexandria

St. Christopher

St. Dominic Polyptych

St. Dominic Raises Napoleone Orsini

St. Jerome

St. Jerome in the Desert

St. Jerome Meditating in the Desert

St. Nicholas in Glory with St. John the Baptist, St. Lucy and below St. George Slaying the Dragon

St. Sebastian,

Stories of St Barbara

Story of St. Barbara and St. Alvise

Sts Thomas Aquinas and Flavian, Sts Peter the Martyr and Vitus

Susanna and the Elders

The Trinity

Transfiguration of Christ  


Triumph of Chastity  

Venus and Cupid  

Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome, Peter, Clare and Francis

Virgin and Child with Two Donors

Virgin Annunciated  

Wings of a triptych: St. Sebastian, St. Christopher

Young Man in Red Garment

Young Man with a Book

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