John Singer Sargent Gallery II

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Mediterranean Landscape Spanish Interior

Perseus, Florence

Atlantic Storm
Catrherine Vlasto Palazzo Labbia, Venice

Mosque, Cairo

Melon Boats
Ponte San Giuseppe di Castello, Venice - John Singer Sargent
Ponte San Giuseppe di Castello, Venice Autumn on the River

Statue of Daphne

Gondoliers' Siesta
Boats in Venice In a Medici Villa

Millet's Garden

The Sphinx
Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight Sir Frank Swettenham

Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars

Oxen on the Beach at Baia
Boat with Golden Sail (San Vigilio) - John Singer Sargent
Boat with Golden Sail (San Vigilio) Boboli


In a Levantine Port
Orestes Pursued by the Furies Magnolias

Two Wine Glasses

Chiron and Achilles
I Gesuati Bologna Fountain


Oxen in Repose
Palazzo Grimani Lady Speyer (Leonora von Stosch)

Church of San Stae, Venice

House and Garden
Pomegranates, Majorca - John Singer Sargent
Pomegranates, Majorca Escutcheon of Charles V

In the Garden, Corfu

Simplon Pass Chalets
Horses at Palma Garden Wall

Facade of a Palazzo at Girgente, Sicily

On the Canal
Rosina, Capri - John Singer Sargent
Rosina, Capri Jupiter Beseeching Eros

Santa Maria della Salute

Falconieri Gardens, Frascati
Pressing the Grapes (Florentine Wine Cellar) - John Singer Sargent
Pressing the Grapes (Florentine Wine Cellar) Florence Torre Galli

Spanish Fountain

Interior of the Doge's Palace
Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice - John Singer Sargent
Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice Lizzatori

Flotsam and Jetsam

The Four Doctors (Professors Welch, Halsted, Osler and Kelly)
Schooner Catherine Somesville, Maine - John Singer Sargent
Fountain at Bologna On the Grand Canal

La Biancheria

Schooner Catherine Somesville, Maine
Oxen Resting - John Singer Sargent
Oxen Resting Karersee Lake, Italy


Ponte della Canonica
Hills of Galilee - John Singer Sargent
Leaving Church, Campo San Canciano, Venice Still Life with Daffodils

Palazzo Corner della Ca Grande

Hills of Galilee
Man Seated by a Stream - John Singer Sargent
Man Seated by a Stream


Muddy Alligators
Landscape, Olive Trees, Corfu - John Singer Sargent On His Holidays, Norway - John Singer Sargent
Landscape, Olive Trees, Corfu

My Dining Room

On His Holidays, Norway
Pool in the Garden of La Granja

Rainy Day on the Yacht Constellation

Ramon Subercaseaux Mrs Charles Inches (Louise Pomeroy)

Rehearsal at the Cirque d'Hiver

Bridge of Sighs
Roses Santa Maria della Salute II Fig Tree
Street in Venice - John Singer Sargent
Peter Harrison (Siesta) Street in Venice III

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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