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Shepherdess with Her Flock

The Sower Harvesters Resting The Gleaners

The Evening Prayer

(The Angelus or Angelus Domini)

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The Shepherd Returns

Peasants Planting Potatoes

Man with a Hoe

Hay Cutters Rest Return of the Flock Feeding the Young Church at Greville
The Knitter (Seated Shepherdess) Idyllic Landscape Wines and Cheeses Pauline Ono
La Fileuse Chevriere Auvergnate Woman Grazing Her Cow Wood Sawyers Peasant Women with Brushwood
Reclining Female Nude Woman Sweeping Her Home Winnower Portrait of a Naval Officer
La Femme au Puits (Women at the Well) Churning Butter Hay Trussers Landscape with a Peasant Woman
Spring at Barbizon Horse Haystacks, Autumn Armand Ono (Man with the Pipe)
Bouquet of Margueritas Narcissi and Violets

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Jean Francois Millet Catalog


The following titles are some of the Jean Francois Millet paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Milkmaid

A Shepherdess and Her Flock

Angelus (Angelus Domini)

Arcas and Callisto



Breaking Flax

Buckwheat Harvest Summer

Catherine Roumy

Child in Cerceau

Churning Butter

Cliffs of Greville

Conopion Carrying the Ashes of Phocion

Couseuse Endormie

Cowherd Watching over his Flock

Death of a Pig

Drinking Place in the Forest

End of the Hamlet of Gruchy

Evening Prayer

Farmer Inserting a Graft on a Tree

Felix-Bienaime Feuardent

Femme Etandant Sonligne


Filette adossee contre

First Steps

Forest workers in the wood saws


Gathering Apples


Goatherd of the Auvergne

Going to Work

Goose Girl at Gruchy

Gust of Wind

Harvesters Resting

Hunting Birds at Night

Idyllic Landscape

Italienische Küstenlandschaft

Jeune Bergere avec son Troupeau


La Meridienne


Landscape with a Burning City


Le Depart pour le Travail

Le Midi

Le Nourrisson

Le Printemps

Le Vanneur

L'enfant Malade

Leopold Desbrosses

Les Bucherons Prenant Leur Repas

Les Fagoteuses

Les Falaises de Gréville

Les Glaneuses  

Little Shepherdess

Louise Antoinette Feuardent 

Love Conquers

Man with a Hoe

Marine Officer

Mere et ses deux Enfants


Milkmaid Leaning against a Tree

Mme. Eugène-Felix Lecourtois

Narcissi and Violets


Nymphe dans les roseaux

Pastures in Normandy

Pauline Ono

Pauline Ono in Blue

Paysan appuy sur sa bche

Peasant Family

Peasant Holding a Winnowing Basket

Peasant Leaning on a Shovel

Peasant Women with Brushwood

Peasants digging for Potatoes

Peasants Unloading Sacks from a Horse

Portrait of A Young Boy

Potato Harvest

Priory at Vauville, Normandy

Ramasseurs de varech


Return from the Fields

Return of the Flock

Ruth and Boaz


Seated Shepherdess

Self Portrait

Setting off for Work

Shepherd Tending His Flock

Shepherdess with her Flock

Sleeping Lovers


Spring at Barbizon

Stone Cutter

The Angelus

The Gleaners

The Knitter

The Shepherd at the Fold by Moonlight

The Sower

The Spinner

The Young Seamstresses

Trussing Hay

Un Tailleur De Pierres

Vert Vert, the Nun's Parrot

Walk to Work

Winter - The Faggot Gatherers

Woman Breaking Flax

Woman Grazing her Cow

Woman Sewing By Lamplight

Wooded Hillside near Vichy

Young Shepherdess


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