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Nymphs - Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Souvenir de Mortefontaine Springtime of Life Nymphs
Florence from the Boboli Gardens - Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Woman with a Pearl Belfry at de Douai Florence from the Boboli Gardens
L'algerina - Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Woman in Blue Church of Trinità dei Monti L'algerina
Femme Lisant - Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Bridge at Narni Macbeth and the Witches Femme Lisant

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Camille Corot Catalog


The following titles are some of the Camille Corot paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Civita Castellana, Rochers Boises

A Cow and its Keeper

A Cow Grazing beneath a Birch Tree

A Dune at Dunkirk

A Ford with Large Trees

A thinking girl

Acqua Acetosa


Alexina Ledoux

Algerian Woman

Ansicht von Villeneuve-Lés-Avignon

Aqueduct in the Valley


Aqueducts in the Roman Campagna

Arbres Tordus Sur Une Crete (Soleil Couchant)

Archicourt, Near Arras

Arleux-du-Nord, the Drocourt Mill on the Sensee

Artist Painting in the Forest of Fountainebleau

Artist's Studio

Artist's Studio, a Real Allegory

At Fontainebleau

Au Bord de l'Etang

Au Petit Chaville

Augustan Bridge at Narni

Autumn Landscape  

Auvers-sur-Oise: Daubigny's pond

Aux Georges d'Apremont

Avenue in the Woods, near Chaville, c.1824

Avignon Seen from Villenueve-les-Avignon

Bacchante by the Sea 

Bacchante in a Landscape 

Bacchante with a Panther

Baigneuses au Bord d'un Lac 

Banks of a River

Banks of the Lake after the Flood 

Banks of the Midouze, Mont-de-Marsan...

Banks of the Tiber Surrounded by Hills

Baptism of Christ

Basilica of Constantine

Bay of Somme

Beach at Dunkirk

Belfry of Douai

Bell Tower of the Church of Saint-Paterne at Orleans

Bent Tree

Between Lake Geneva and the Alps

Black Oaks of Bas-Breau

Boat Leaving the Shore (Ville d'Avray)

Boatmen of Mortefontaine

Boid-Guillaumi near Rouen

Bologne-sur-Mer, View from the High Cliffs

Breakwater, Normandy

Breton Woman and her Little Girl

Breton Women at the Well near Batz

Bridge and the Church

Bridge at Grez-sur-Loing

Bridge at Mantes

Bridge at Nahin

Bridge at Narni

Bridge in the Coubron Valley

Brooding Girl

Buildings Overlooking the Valley of Papigno

By the Sea

Calvary on the Cote de Grace in Honfleur

Canal in Picardi

Canteleu near Rouen


Cascade of Terni

Castel Gandolfo and Dancing Tyrolean Shepherds


Castle of Falaise

Castle of St. Angelo, Rome

Cavalier in sight of a Village

Charente at Port-Bertaud

Chartres Cathedral

Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Rosny

Chateau Thierry

Chemin de Corot (Ville d'Avray)

Children beside a brook

Christine Nilson

Church and Bell Tower

Church at Essommes, near the Chateau Thierry

Church at Lormes

Church at Marissel

Circle of Nymphs in Morning


Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana and Mount Soracte

Civita Castellana, Rocks with Trees

Clearing in the Bois Pierre near at Eveaux

Coliseum Seen through Arches of the Basilica...

Convent of Sant'Onofrio, on the Janiculum

Corner of the Village

Corot's Studio

Coubro: Ascending Path

Coulommiers in The Garden of M. Preschez

Courbet with his Black Dog

Courtyard of a Bakery near Paris

Cow in a Stable

Cowherd and Her Child

Cowherd by the Water

Cowherd in a Clearing near a Pond (Ville d'Avray)

Cowherd in a Dell

Cowherd Resting at the Foot of Hills

Cows Grazing


Cuicy Marsh, near Douai

Curious Little Girl

Dança das Ninfas

Dance of the Nymphs in Morning

Dance Under the Trees

Dante and Virgil

Dardagny in Morning

Daydreaming at the Fountain

Democritus and the Abderiti

Destruction of Sodom

Diana Surprised at Her Bath


Distant View of Corbeil in Morning


Downpour at Etretat

Dreamer at the Fountain

Dunkerque Une Pecheuse de Crevettes

Dunkirk and the Fishing Docks



Edge of a Lake

Edge of the Forest

Edge of the Pool

Eel Gatherers

Effet du Matin

Eldest Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain

End of a Pier and the Sea

Entrance to a Chalet in the Bernese Oberland

Entrance to the Wood (Ville d'Avray)

Environs de Fontainebleau

Environs de Rome

Erinnerung an Coubron

Erinnerung an Pierrefonds

Evaux Mill at Chiery near Chateau Thierry

Evening Landscape

Evening Star

Evening with Distant Tower

Facade of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli

Fair Maid of Gascony

Farm in the Nievre

Farmer Kneeling Picking Dandelions

Farmyard near Fontainebleau

Female nude in a rocky landscape

Female Nude with a Dog

Fernand Corot (Artist’s Nephew)

Ferryman Leaving the Bank with Two Women

Field above the Village

Field by a River

Fields with a Village

Figures in a Forest

Fillette a l'etude, en train d'ecrire

First Leaves near Nantes

Fisherman Boating along Landscape

Fisherman Moored at a Bank

Fishermen in a Boat

Fishermen's Quay, Trouville

Fishing Boars Beached in the Chanel

Fishing Boat in Honfleur

Fishing with Nets, Evening

Florence - The Boboli Gardens

Flute Player at Lake Albano

Fog Effect in Morning


Fontainebleau and the Bas-Breau Road

Fontainebleau and the Chailly Road

Forest Clearing in the Limousin

Forest of Fontainebleau

Forestry Workers

Forum seen from the Farnese Gardens, Rome

Forum Viewed from the Farnese Gardens

Fountain of the Academie de France

Fountain of the French Academy in Rome

Frau mit Mandoline

Gardens of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli

General View of the Town of Saint-Lo


Girl by the Water

Girl holding a Basket

Girl Reading

Girl Reading by the Water

Girl with the Rose

Gisors, Riviere Bordee D'arbres

Goatherd and Village

Goatherd beside the Water

Goatherd Charming His Goat with a Flute

Goatherd Playing the Flute under the Trees

Goatherds of Castel Gandolfo 

Goatherds on the Borromean Islands

Gondole sur Le Grand Canal

Granville and Fishing Boats 

Grape Harvest at Sevres

Greek Girl

Green Oaks in the Valley

Grotto of the Loue

Gust of Wind

Gypsy Reclining

Gypsy with a Basque Tamborine

Gypsy with a Mandolin

Hagar in the Wilderness


Hamlet and the Gravedigger


Happy Isle

Harvester Holding Her Sickle

Harvester with Sickle

Hauts-de-Seine (Ville d'Avray)

Haycart beside a River


Head of Bearded Man

Hector Berlioz

Heights above Ville d'Avray

Hind Forced Down in the Snow 

Homer and the Shepherds in a Landscape

Horse and Rider in a Gorge

Horseman at the Entrance of the Forest (Ville d'Avray)

Horses Watering (Ville d'Avray)

Horses Watering Place (Ville d'Avray)

Hoses and Factory of Mr. Henry

House by the Water

Hunters in the Snow  

Huntsman's Picnic

In the Hills above Ville D'Avray

In the Vicinity of Geneva

In the Woods at Ville d'Avray

Inn at Montigny-les-Cormeilles

Interior of the Cathedral of St. Etienne 

Interrupted Reading

Island of San Bartolommeo

Italian Girl

Italian Goatherd in Evening

Italian Landscape

Italian Monk Reading

Italian Scenery

Italian Woman

Italian Woman with a Yellow

Italian Youth Sitting in Corot's Room in Room

Jeune Femme au Puits

Jewish Algerian Woman



La Bacchante

La Cervara, the Roman Countryside

La Danse des Nymphes

La Meditation

La Monta Soracte

La Patre dominant la Gorge rocheuse

La Zingara

LaBuissiere near Bethune

Lac de Nemi

Lady in Blue

Lago di Piediluco, Umbria

Lake Nemi seen through Trees

Lake Nemi

Lake Piediluco


Landscape at Mornex

Landscape by the Lake 

Landscape with a White Tower

Landscape with Cattle

Landscape with Church

Landscape with Distant Mountains

Landscape with Mother and Children

Landscape with Peasant Women

Landscape with Three Figures

Landschaft Castelgandolfo

L'Arbre Tordu, Les Chenes du Mont Usey

Large Buildings on the Rocks in Marino

Large Oak

Large Pond and Villas (Ville d'Avray)

Large Sharecropping Farm

Le Batelier Quittant La Rive Avec

Le Colisee Vu Des Jardins Farnese

Le Concert Champetre

Le Gue

Le Joueur De Flute Du Lac D'Albano

Le Marais au Grand Arbre Et a La Chevriere

Le Monastere Derriere Les Arbres

Le Mont Valerian

Le pecheur à la ligne. Souvenir des Marais du...

Le Petit Charville near Ville d'Array

Le Quai des Paquis, Geneva

Le Toilette

Le Torrent Pierreaux

Les Baigneuses

Les Chateaux

Les Contrebandiers

Les denicheurs Toscans

Les Petits Denicheurs



Little Angel

Little Bridge at Mantes

Little Chaville

Little Shepherd

Little Valley

Lock on the Loue


Louise Claire Sennegon  

Louise Harduin in Mourning

Louise-Laure Baudot at Nine Years

Lovers in the Countryside


Macbeth and the Witches

Madame Baudot, the Artist's Niece

Madame Charmois

Madame Langeron

Madame Legois

Mademoiselle de Foudras

Man Scything by a Willow Plot

Man with the Leather Belt

Marais De Cuicy, Pres Douai


Marie Louise Sennegon

Marino with Trees and Rocks

Maurice Robert as a Child

Meadow with Two Large Trees

Memories of Picardie

Memory of Italy

Merchant's Quay at Rouen

Mill at Saint-Nicolas-les-Arras

Mill in the Trees

Mlle. Leotine Desavary Holding a Turtledove

Mme Lemaistre

Monk in White, Seated, Reading

Monk with a Cello


Mont Soracte

Monte Pinco the Trinita dei Monte

Moonlight by the sea

Moonlit Landscape

Moret sur Loing

Mornex (Haute-Savoie)


Morning by the Water

Morning in the Field

Morning in Venice

Morning mist

Morvan, The Little Mill

Mother and Child on the Beach

Mother Breast Feeding Her Child

Mother Superior of the Convent of the Annonciades

Mount Soracte

Mountain Landscape

Mountains in Auvergne


Mur Peasants

Near Arras on the Banks of the Scarpe

Near Rotterdam

Near the Mill at Chierry, Aisne

Nemi, the Lake's Edge

Octave Chamouillet Pushing a Wheelbarrow in a Garden


Old Bridge at Limay on the Seine

Old Man and a Young Boy

Old Man Seated on Corot's Trunk

Old Wharf in Honfleur

Olevano and the Rocks

Olevano, La Serpentara

On the Banks of the Tiber

Orchard at Harvest Time


Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld

Outskirts of a village near Beauvais

Painter Adolphe Desbrochers as a Child...

Papigno, rives escarpées et boisées


Path from the Church in Semur

Path through the Woods

Path to the Front of the Church at Marissal

Path Towards a House in the Countryside

Paver of the Chailly Road

Peasant Girl near a Cabin

Peasant Woman Grazing a Cow at the Edge of a Forest

Peasant Woman Watering Her Cow

Peasants from Mur

Peasants near a Village

Peasants under the Trees at Dawn, Morvan

Pecheur Au Bord De la Riviere

Pensive Girl

Pensive Oriental

Pensive Young Woman

Piazzetta di San Marco, Venice

Plains near Beauvais



Pond and the Cabassud Houses at Ville-d'Avray

Pond at Ville d'Avray, with Leaning Trees

Pond at Ville-d'Avray through the Trees 

Pond with a Large Tree

Pond with Dog

Pond with Three Cows

Pond with Three Cows and a Crescent Moon

Ponds of Ville d'Avray

Pont de Narni

Pont-au-Change and the Palais de Justice

Ponte Augusto over the Nera

Ponte Nomentano

Port of La Rochelle

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a Monk

Portrait of a Standing Woman

Portrait of Leotine Renaude

Promenade du Poussin

Quai des Paquis, Geneva

Quarry near the Port Entrance in La Rochelle

Quarry of the Chaise-Mre at Fontainebleau

Rast unter Weiden am Wasser

Reader Crowned with Flowers


Reclining Nymph

Recollections of Mortefontaine 

Reflection of Ornans



Return of the Hayers to Marcoussis

Richmond near London Rising Path

River Landscape

Riverbank at Mery sur Seine

Road from Volterra

Road in Normandy

Road in the Country

Road in the Countryside Near Lake Leman

Road near Arras

Road through the Trees

Road through Wooded Mountains

Road to Sevres 

Rocks at Civita Castellana

Rocks in Amalfi

Rocky Valley with a Herd of Pigs

Roman Cammagna, with the Tiber

Roman Campaagna with the Claudian Aqueduct

Roman Campagna

Roman Campagna in Winter

Roman Campagna with the Claudian Aqueduct

Roman Countryside

Roman Landscape 

Roman Odalisque (Marietta)  

Rome Castle Sant'Angelo

Rouen Seen from Hills Overlooking the City

Saint Andre-en-Morvan 

Saint Nicholas-les-Arras

Saint Quentin-Des-Pres(Oise

Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian in a Landscape

Saintry near to Corbeil

Saules et Chaumieres

Seated Italian from Paeigno Facing Front

Seated Woman in Brown Skirt

Seated Woman with chest

Seine and the Quai des Orfevres

Self Portrait

Self Portrait with Palette

Setting Sun

Severes Hills - Le Chemin Troyon

Sevres Road

Shady Resting Place (Le Dormoir)

Shepherd and Shepherdess at Play

Shepherd Resting

Shepherdess Sitting under Trees beside a Stream

Shepherd's Star

Shipyard in Honfleur


Sicilian Odalisque

Siesta at Haymaking Time


Sin near Douai, Village Street in the Morning  

Sin-le-Noble Road near Douai

Small Houses on the Banks of a Canal Near Rotterdam



Soissons from Mr. Henry's Factory

Souvenir du Pont de Mantes

Souvenir of Arricia

Souvenir of Castel Gandolfo

Souvenir of Crecy

Souvenir of Italy

Souvenir of Montefontaine

Souvenir of Riva

Souvenir of St. Jean de Luz

Souvenir of the Bresle at Incheville

Souvenir of the Lake Nemi Region

Souvenir of the Villa Borghese

Souvenir of Ville d'Avray

Spanish Woman

Spring, Stags Fighting

Springtime of Life

St.Catherine-les-Arras-Fields with trees and cottages

Stag Running through a Wood


Still Life

Stoller in the Fontainebleau Forest

Stone Breakers

Storm at Sea

Storm over the Plains of Fontainebleau

Stormy Sea

Stormy Weather, Pas de Calais

Stream in the Woods

Strolling along the Banks of a Pond


Studio of Corot

Study for Burial at Ornans

Study of a Tree

Sunset- Figures Under Trees

Sunset, Trouville

Swamp by the Large Tree with a Goatherd

Tanz der Nymphen, Detail

Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome

Thatched cottage in Picardie

The Baptism of Christ

The Evening

The Road

The Stonebreakers

The Verdant Bank

The Wave

Theodore Cuenot

Three Women on the Riverbank Seated on...

Tiber near Rome

Town and Lake Como

Trees and Rocks at La Serpentara

Trees in a Marshy Landscape

Trinita dei Monti from the Villa Medici

Tuscan Beaters

Two Cowherds in a Meadow by the Water

Two Italians

Two Women Talking by a Gate

Un ruisseau sous bois (Stream in the Woods)




Venice, the Grand Canal, View from the Esclavons Quay

Venus at Her Bath

Venus Bathing

Verdant Bank

View at Riva, Italian Tyrol

View from a Window Overlooking the Saint Orleans

View from the Farnese Gardens, Morning

View from the Farnese Gardens, Noon

View from the Slopes of Mount Epomeo

View from the Villa Medici

View in the Farnese Gardens

View near Colterra

View near Naples

View near Volterra

View of an Italian Village

View of Campo della Carita

View of Chalet de Chenes, Bellvue, Geneva

View of Florence from the Boboli Gardens

View of Genoa from the Promenade of Acqua Sola

View of Ornans

View of Part of the Geneva

View of Pierrefonds

View of Pincio, Italy

View of Saint-Lo

View of St. Peter's and the Castel Sant'Angelo

View of the Cathedral and Mantes

View of the Chalet de Chenes, Bellevue, Geneva

View of the Chateau de Pierrefonds

View of the Coliseum from the Farnese Gardens

View of the Esclavons Quay

View of the Pont au Change from Quai de Gesvres, Summer...

View of the Roman Campagna

View of the Town and Cathedral of Mantes Through the...

View of Volterra

View toward Paris from Sevres-Brimborion

Villa d'Avray - Banks of the Stream near the Corot...

Village at the Foot of a Hill, Ile-de-France

Village Corner, Ecouen

Village near Beauvais

Village scene

Village Street in Dardagny

Ville d'Avray  


Vista de Volterra



Wagon, Souvenir of Saintry

Walk around the Pond

Waterfall on the Romagnes

Waterfall with a Peasant



Wiesenhang near Ornans

Willows and Farmhouses at Saint-Catherine-les Arras

Windmill in Montmartre

Windmill on the Cote de Picardie, near Versailles

Windswept Landscape

Winter Landscape beside a Lake

Winter Scene

Woman Gathering Faggots at Ville dAvray

Woman Herding Cows in Morning

Woman in a Pink Blouse

Woman in a Toque with a Mandolin

Woman in Blue

Woman in Grey

Woman Picking Flowers in a Pasture

Woman Reading in a Landscape

Woman with a Cat 

Woman with a Flower

Woman with a Pearl

Woman with a Pink Shawl

Women in a Field of Willows

Wood on the Cote de Grace in Honfleur

Wooded Landscape with a Pond 

Wooded Peninsula

Wooded Plateau in Fountainebleau

Working in the Fields

Young Algerian Woman Lying on the Grass

Young Boy of the Corot Family

Young Girl at her Toilet

Young Girl Reading

Young Girl Seated in a Meadow

Young Girl with a Large Cap

Young Italian Patriot in the Mountains

Young Italian Woman from Papigno

Young Man in Front of a Great Oak

Young Woman

Young Woman at her Toilet

Young Woman of Albano 

Young Women of Sparta

Young Woman with a Mandolin

Zingara with a Tambourine


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