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Madame Duvaucey Francois Marius Granet Valpincon Bather Oedipus and the Sphinx
Grand Odalisque Madame de Sennones Jupiter and Thetis Roger Delivering Angelica
Raphael and the Fornarina Count Nikolai Dmitrievich Gouriev Madame Jacques Louis Leblanc Vow of Louis XIII
Self Portrait Madame Marie Marcotte Apotheosis of Homer Louis Francois Bertin
Odalisque and Slave Antiochus & Strotonice La Baronessa Rothschild Madame d'Haussonville
Madame Moitessier Princess de Broglie Joan of Arc Bonaparte First Consul

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Jean Ingres Catalog


The following titles are some of the Jean Ingres paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

Academic Study of a Male Torse

Achilles Receiving the Envoys of Agamemnon

Alexander Baillie

Alexis Rene Le Go

Amédée-David, Comte de Pastoret

Andre Benoit Barreau (Taurel)

Angélique (Angelica)

Antiochus and Stratonice

Antoine Thomeguex

Antonia Duvaucey de Nittis

Auguste Jean Marie Guenepin

Baron Jacques Marquet de Montbreton de Norvins

Baronesss Betty de Rothschild


Caroline Riviere

Carolline Murat, Queen of Naples

Charles François Mallet

Charles Hayard and his daughter Marguerite

Charles Robert Cockerell

Charles Thevenin

Charles Thomas Thruston

Charles X inn his Coronation Robes

Charles-Marie-Jean-Baptiste Marcotte (Marcotte d'Argenteuil)

Christ Giving Peter the Keys of Paradise

Comte Amedee-David de Pastoret

Comtes de Tournon, née Geneviève de Seytres Caumont

Comtesse Charles d'Agoult

Count Nikolai Dmitrievich Gouriev

Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres

Don Pedro de Tolède baisant o Henri IV

Dr. François Melier

Dr. Jean Louis Robin

Dr. Louis Martinet

Dr. Thomas Church

Duke Ferdinand-Philippe of Orleans

Edme-François-Joseph Bochet

Edmond Ramel and his wife, born Irma Donbernard

Enrique IV

Felix Leblanc

Ferdinand-Philippe-Louis-Charles-Henri, Duc d'Orleans

Franz Adolf von Stuerler

Franz Liszt

General Louis-Etienne Dulong de Rosnay

Guillaume Guillon Lethiere

Half-figure of a Bather

Henriette Harvey and her half sister Elizabeth Norton

Henry IV Playing with His Children

Hippolyte-François Devillers

Hygin-Edmond-Ludovic-Auguste Cave

Ines Moitessier

Jacques Marquet, Baron de Montbreton de Norvins

Jacques-Louis Leblanc

Jean Baptiste Desdeban

Jean Charles Auguste Simon

Jean François Antoine Forest

Jean François Julien Menager

Jean Pierre Cortot

Jean-Francois Giliibert

Jean-Louis Provost

Jean-Marie-Joseph Ingres

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII

John Russel, Sixth Duke of Bedford

Joseph-Antoine Moltedo

Jospeh Woodheda and his wife

Jupiter and Thetis

La Grande Baigneuse

La Grande Odalisque

La Source (The Source)

Lady William Henry Cavendish Bentinck

Lord Graham, Thomas Philip Robinson

Lorenzo Bartolini

Louis-François Bertin

Lucien Bonaparte

Luigi Calamatta

Luigi Cherubini and the muse of poetry

Madame Alexandre Lethiere

Madame Aymon

Madame Charles Gounod

Madame Charles Hayard

Madame Charles Simart,

Madame Clément Boulanger

Madame de Senonnes

Madame Duvaucey

Madame Felix Gallois

Madame Franz Adolf von Stuerler

Madame Frederic Reiset

Madame Guillaume Mallet

Madame Henri Gonse

Madame Hippolyte Flandrin

Madame Jacques-Louis Leblanc

Madame Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Madame Johann Gotthard Reinhold

Madame Louis François Godinot

Madame Louis-Francois Bertin

Madame Marie Marcotte

Madame Paul-Sigisbert Moitessier

Madame Philibert Rivière

Madame Victor Baltard and her daughter, Paule

Madeleine Ingres, nee Chapelle

Mademoiselle Cecile Panckoucke

Mademoiselle Henriette Ursule Claire, maybe Thevenin, and her dog Trim

Mademoiselle Jeanne Hayard

Mademoiselle Jeanne-Suzanne-Catherine Gonin, later Madame Pyrame Thomegeux

Mademoiselle Mary de Borderieux

Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore Cherubini

Marie Marcoz (Vicomtesse de Senonnes)

Marie-Francoise Riviere

Merry Joseph Blondel

Monsignor Gabriel Cortois de Pressigny


Mrs Charles Badham

Mrs Charles Thomas Thruston

Mrs John Mackie

Napoleon as Jupiter Enthroned

Napoleon Bonaparte in the Uniform of the First Consul

Napoleon Enthroned

Napoleon I on His Imperial Throne

Niccolo Paganini


Odaliske und Sklavin

Odalisque with a Slave

Odalisque with Female Slave

Oedipus and the Sphinx

Otto Magnus von Stackelberg and Jackob Linckh

Paolo and Francesca

Paul Lemoyne

Pere Desmarets

Perseus and Andromeda

Philbert Riviere

Pierre François Bernier

Pierre François Henri Labrouste

Pierre Marie François de Sales Baillot

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man (Edmé Bochet)

Baron Joseph Vialetes de Mortarieu

Jacques Marquet

Künstlers Ingres

Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere

Queen Caroline Murat

Raffaello and Fornarina

Raphael and the Fornarina

Roger Delivering Angelica

Roger Freeing Angelica

Romulus' Victory over Acron

Ruggiero Rescuing Angelica

Self Portrait

Alexandre Lethiere Family

Apotheosis of Homer

Architect Jean-Baptiste Desdeban

Bather of Valpinçon

Betrothal of Raphael and the Niece of Cardinal Bibbiena

Birth of the Last Muse

Cosimo Andrea Lazzerini Family

Death of Leonardi da Vinci

Disease of Antioco

Dream of Ossian

Entry of the Future Charles V into Paris

Grande Odalisque

House of Raffaello at Rome

House of Villa Ludovisi at Rome

Kaunitz Sisters

Martyrdom of St. Symphorian

Painter Francois Marius Granet

Reverend Joseph Church

Sculptor Paul Lemoyne

Sistine Chapel


Sword of Henry IV

Turkish Bath

Violinist Niccolò Paganini

Vow of Louis XIII

Two members of the Lauréal family

Ursin Jules Vatinelle

Venus Anadyomène

Venus at Paphos

Venus, Wounded by Diomedes, Returns to Olympus

Vicomtess Othenin d'Haussonville, née Louise-Albertine de Broglie

Victor Baltard

Victor Dourlen

View of the Villa Medici

Virgilia reading the Eneida to Livia, Octavia and August

Virgin of the Adoption


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