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View of the Sea by Moonlight - Ivan Aivazovsky
Stormy Sea in Night Ninth Wave View of the Sea by Moonlight
View of Kerch - Ivan Aivazovsky
American Shipping off the Rock of Gibraltar Chaos View of Kerch
Battle of Navarino - Ivan Aivazovsky
A Strong Wind Pushkin's Farewell to the Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky & Ilya Repin Battle of Navarino
Battle of Sinope - Ivan Aivazovsky
Rainbow View of Constantinople Battle of Sinope
Black Sea - Ivan Aivazovsky
Moonlit Seascape with Shipwreck Brig "Mercury" Attacked by Two Turkish Ships Black Sea
Empress Maria Caught in Storm - Ivan Aivazovsky
Storm On the Storm Empress Maria Caught in Storm

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Ivan Aivazovsky Catalog


The following titles are some of the Ivan Aivazovsky paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or 

Acropolis of Athens

After Shipwreck

Alexander II Crossing the Danube

Allied Naval Blockade of Crete

American Shipping off the Rock of Gibraltar

Among the Waves

An Oasis Halt

Arrival of Columbus' Flotilla

Arrival of the Russian Ship in Constantinople

Arrival Peter the First on river Neva

At Night Blue wave

At Night Smugglers

At Sunrise on the American Island San Salvador


Azure Grotto at Naples

Bathing at Sunset in the Cove

Bathing of a Sheeps

Battle near Sinop

Battle of Chesma

Battle of Chios

Battle of Navarino

Battle of Sinope

Battle of Steamship Vesta and Turkish Ironclad

Battle of Vyborg Bay

Bay Golden Horn Turkey

Bay of Naples

Bay of Naples at moonlit night Vesuvius

Bay of Naples by Moonlight

Bay of Naples on morning

Becalmed on the Coast

Before Battle Ship Constantinople

Between Waves


Black Sea

Black Sea at Night

Black Sea Coast at Night

Black Sea Fleet

Black Sea fleet in Feodosiya

Boat at Sea

Boat Ride by Kumkapi in Constantinople

Bracing the Waves

Breakers on the Crimean Coast

Brig at Anchor

Brig Mercury Attacked by Two Turkish Ships

Bucht von Neapel. Öl auf Leinwand

By the Shore In a Stormy Sea

Byron visiting Mhitarists on island of St Lazarus in Venice

Calm on the Mediterranean Sea

Calm Sea

Calm Waters

Capture of Turkish navel on Black sea

Capture Turkish kocherma

Caravan in Oasis Egypt


Caucasus from the Sea


Chapel on Seashore


Clouds on the Quiet Sea

Coast of Sea at Night

Coast of the Dardanelles

Coastal Fortress with Felucca by Moonlight

Coastal Scene With Windmill

Coastal Shipping

Coastal Sunset

Coffee House by the Ortakoy Mosque in Constantinople

Columbus Sailing From Palos

Constantinople - View of the Golden Horn

Constantinople By Moonlight

Constantinople Sunset

Conversation on the Shore, Dusk

country track by the Black Sea



Crimean Coast

Crimean Coast By Moolight

Crimean Tartars on the Sea Shore

Cutter in choppy Seas

Daryal canyon

Dawn at Sea

Daybreak over the Cornfields

Dejection of Noah from Mountain Ararat

Die See


Distributing Supplies

Dusk on the Golden Horn

Dutch Brigatine and Steamer at Sea

Elegant Ladies Fishing at the Water's Edge

Embankment of Oriental Town

Entrance in the Bay of Sevastopol

Evening in the Crimea Yalta

Exchange of Petersburg

Exploding Ship


Figures in a Coastal Landscape At Sunset

Firing of the Turkish Fleet By Kanaris

Fishermen on Coast of Sea

Fishermen on the Crimean Coast

Fishermen on the Shore

Fishing boat with a Russian Merchant Brig

Fishing Boats in a Harbor

Flock of Sheep at Gale

Flock of Sheep with Herdsmen Sunset

Frigate on a Sea

Frigate under Sails

Frozen Bosphorus under Snow

Full Moon over the Ayu-Dag

Gabriel Aivazian the Artists brother

Gale on Sea is Over

Going Aground

Golden Horn, Constantinople, Moonlight


Gondolier at Sea by Night  

Great Flood

Gunboat off Crete

Harbor at Odessa On the Black Sea

Harbor of Venice, the island of San Georgio

Harbor Scene


High Seas

Hurricane on a Sea

Ice Breakers on the Frozen Neva in St Petersburg

Ice on the Dniepr


Icebergs in the Atlantic

Island of Rhodes

Italian Landscape

Katolikos Hrimyan near Emiadzin

Kronshtadt fort the emperor Alexander

Lake Maggiore in the Evening

Landing at Subashi

Landscape with Windmills

Lifeboat in Heavy Seas

Little Russian Ox Cart in Wintert

Loading Provisions off the Crimean Coast

Lowering the Boats

Lunar Night

Lunar Night at the spring

Lunar Night in the Constantinople

Lunar Night in the Crimea

Lunar Night on a Sea

Lunar Night on Capri

Lunar Night on the Black sea


Maria in a Storm

Marine Scene

Meeting of a fishermen on coast of the bay of Naples

Meeting of the Brig Mercury with the Russian Squadron


Mhitarists on island of St Lazarus

Misty morning in Italy

Moon Over the Ayu-Dag


Moonlight in the Ayu Dag

Moonlit Coast

Moonlit Landing

Moonlit Night

Moonlit Sail

Moonlit Seascape with Shipwreck

moonlit view of Odessa from the Black Sea

Moonlit view of the Bay of Naples

Moonlit View of the Bosphorus

Morning on a Sea

Moscow in Winter from the Sparrow Hills

Mount Ararat

Mountain Village Gunib in Daghestan View from the East

Napoleon on island of St Helen


Night a Blue Wave

Night at Crimea View on Aiudag

Ninth Wave

Nocturnal Voyage


Old Feodosia

On the Island of Crete

On the Storm

Oriental Scene

Oriental Scene in a boat

Ox Cart Crossing a Flooded Plain

Ox Train on the Sea Shore

Panorama of Constantinopole

Parade of the Black Sea Fleet

Passage through the Cornfields

Perils of Winter Travel in the Russian Provinces


Pier in Feodosia

Portrait of A I Kaznacheev

Portrait of the Artists wife

Pushkin and Countess Raevskaya by the Sea Near Gurzuf and Partenit

Pushkin on the seashore


Range of the Caucasus mountains

Relief Ship


Rescue at Sea

Reval in Estland

River Rioni Georgia

Rocky Coastal Landscape in the Aegean with Ships in the Distance

Rough Sea

Rough Sea at night

Russian Squadron on the Raid of Sevastopol

Russian Turkish Sea Battle of Sinop

Russian Warships anchored off the Crimean coast near Feodosia

Sailing Boat at Sunset Flying the Russian Tricolour

Sailing Boat Off Yalta, Ayu Dag Beyond

Sailing Ship

Sailing Ship in Choppy Waters

Sailing through the Haze

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

Schiffe in stürmischer See, Sonnenaufgang



Sea before Storm

Sea buttle near Navarine

Sea Channel with Lighthouse

Sea Coast

Sea Koktebel

Sea landscape - Koktebel

Sea Near Crimean Coast

Seashore of Amalfi


Sea View

Sea View by Moonlight

Sea View with Chapel


Seashore Calm

Ship at Sea

Ship by the Shore

Ship in a Stormy Sea off the Coast

Ship in Calm Sea

Ship in Calm Waters

Ship in Heavy Seas

Ship in Moonlit Waters

Ship in Stormy Seas

Ship in the Stormy Sea

Ship Moored in the Bay of Naples

Ship Moored off the Coast, Constantinople

Ship near Coast

Ship on High Seas

Ship on the Ocean

Shipping along the Coast

Shipping off the Ayu Dag

Shipping off the Dutch Coast

Shipping off the Island of Ischia

Shipping on a Moonlit Coast

Shipping on the Black Sea

Shipping Vessel off the Coast

Ships in a Storm

Ships in a Stormy Sea, Sunrise

Ships in the Black Sea

Ships in the Moonlight

Ships on a Raid

ships on Rough Sea Sunrise

Ships on the Black Sea


Shipwreck at Sunset

Shipwreck near Rocks

Shipwreck off the Black Sea Coast

Shipwreck on Stormy Seas

Shipwreck on the Black Sea


Sinking Ship


Smolny Convent Sunseat

St. Isaac's on a Frosty Day

Steamship off the Coast


Storm at sea

Storm off the coast of Feodosia

Storm on Sea

Storm over the Black Sea

Stormy Sea at Nightfall

Sunny Day

Sunrise in Feodosiya


Sunset at Sea off Ayu Dag, Crimea

Sunset on a Sea

Sunset on the Coast

Sunset over Constantinople

Sunset over the Crimean Coast

Sunset over the Golden Horn

Sunset over the Sea


Surf near Coast of Crimea



Survivors in a Stormy Sea


Swimmers off the Beach of Theodosia

Tartars on the Coast


Tempest by Rocky Coast

Tempest on Ice Ocean

Tempest on the Sea at Night

The Ninth Wave

The Rescue

The Sea

The Wave

The Wrath of the Seas

Tower of Genoa

Tranquil Dawn on the Black Sea Coast

Tranquil Seascape

Travelers on the Coast

Travelers on the Crimean Coast

Varangians on the Dnieper


View From the Hills above Theodosia

View of a French Harbor

View of Constantinople

View of Constantinople In Moonlight

View of Feodosia

View of Feodosiya

View of Ischia

View of Kerch

View of Odessa

View of the Acropolis

View of the Ayu Dag, Crimea

View of the Big Cascade in Petergof and the Great Palace of Petergof

View of the Crimea

View of the Golden Horn

View of the River Terek

View of Tiflis (Tbilisi)

View of Yalta

View on Crimea

View on Lagoon of Venice

View on Rocky Coast

Volga near Zhiguli

Walking on Water

Warning of Storms


Windmill overlooking a Moonlit Bay

Winter Landscape

Winter Scene in Little Russia






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