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Home, Sweet Home - Winslow Homer

Palm Tree, Nassau - Winslow Homer

Gulf Stream - Winslow Homer 

 The Blue Boat - Winslow Homer

Home, Sweet Home Palm Tree, Nassau

Gulf Stream

The Blue Boat

The Rustics - Winslow Homer

 An October Day - Winslow Homer

Adirondack Guide - Winslow Homer

Lost on the Grand Banks - Winslow Homer

 The Rustics An October Day Adirondack Guide  Lost on the Grand Banks

Mending the Nets - Winslow Homer

Breezing Up - Winslow Homer

Rowing Home - Winslow Homer

Cloud Shadow - Winslow Homer

Mending the Nets

Breezing Up

Overstock item available

Rowing Home Cloud Shadows

Sunlight on the Coast - Winslow Homer

After the Hurricane - Winslow Homer 

Boys in a Pasture - Winslow Homer

By the Shore - Winslow Homer

Sunlight on the Coast After the Hurricane Boys in a Pasture By the Shore

Dinner Horn - Winslow Homer

Canoe in the Rapids - Winslow Homer

Children on the Beach - Winslow Homer

Casting the Fly - Winslow Homer

Dinner Horn

Canoe in the Rapids Children on the Beach Casting the Fly

Children on a Fence - Winslow Homer

At the Window - Winslow Homer 

Gloucester Harbor - Winslow Homer

An Afterglow - Winslow Homer

Children on a Fence At the Window Gloucester Harbor An Afterglow

Boy Fishing - Winslow Homer

Canoeing in the Adirondacks - Winslow Homer

Answering the Horn - Winslow Homer

A Summer Night - Winslow Homer

Boy Fishing Canoeing in the Adirondacks Answering the Horn A Summer Night

Visit from the Old Mistress - Winslow Homer

Crab Fishing - Winslow Homer

Voice from the Cliffs - Winslow Homer

By the Shore - Winslow Homer

Visit from the Old Mistress Crab Fishing Voice from the Cliffs By the Shore

Autumn - Winslow Homer

Canoes in Rapids, Saguenay River - Winslow Homer

A Temperance Meeting (or Noon Time) - Winslow Homer

Apple Picking (Two Girls in Sunbonnets) - Winslow Homer

Autumn Canoes in Rapids, Saguenay River A Temperance Meeting (Noon Time) Apple Picking (Two Girls in Sunbonnets)

Cornfield - Winslow Homer

A Wall, Nassau - Winslow Homer 

Boy with Anchor - Winslow Homer

Adirondack Lake - Winslow Homer

Cornfield A Wall, Nassau Boy with Anchor Adirondack Lake

Eight Bells - Winslow Homer

Bear and Canoe - Winslow Homer

Along the Road, Bahamas - Winslow Homer

Contraband - Winslow Homer

Eight Bells Bear and Canoe Along the Road, Bahamas Contraband

Enchanted - Winslow Homer

After the Hunt - Winslow Homer 

Boys and Kitten - Winslow Homer

Crossing the Pasture - Winslow Homer

Enchanted After the Hunt Boys and Kitten Crossing the Pasture

Casting in the Falls - Winslow Homer

Cabins in Nassau - Winslow Homer

Watching Ships Gloucester - Winslow Homer

Two Men in a Canoe - Winslow Homer

Casting in the Falls Cabins in Nassau

Watching Ships Gloucester (On the Beach)

Two Men in a Canoe

Fresh Eggs - Winslow Homer

Bermuda Settlers - Winslow Homer

Beach Scene (Children in the Surf) - Winslow Homer

Army Boots - Winslow Homer

Fresh Eggs Bermuda Settlers Beach Scene (Children in the Surf) Army Boots

Cornfield - Winslow Homer

At Tampa - Winslow Homer

Eastern Point Light - Winslow Homer

Boys Fishing, Gloucester Harbor - Winslow Homer

Among the Vegetables (Boy in a Cornfield) At Tampa Eastern Point Light Boys Fishing, Gloucester Harbor

Customs House, Santiago de Cuba - Winslow Homer

Boy and Girl on a Hillside - Winslow Homer

Country School - Winslow Homer

Cow in Pasture - Winslow Homer

Customs House, Santiago de Cuba Boy and Girl on a Hillside Country School Cow in Pasture

Diamond Shoal - Winslow Homer

Boy in a Boatyard - Winslow Homer

Pumpkin Patch - Winslow Homer

Boys in a Dory - Winslow Homer

Diamond Shoal Boy in a Boatyard Pumpkin Patch

Boys in a Dory

Milk Maid - Winslow Homer

Fishing Boats, Key West - Winslow Homer

Girl and Daisies - Winslow Homer

House in Santiago Cuba - Winslow Homer

Milk Maid Fishing Boats, Key West Girl and Daisies House in Santiago Cuba

Basket of Clams - Winslow Homer

Herring Net - Winslow Homer

Homosassa Jungle - Winslow Homer

Fog Warning - Winslow Homer

Basket of Clams Herring Net Homosassa Jungle Fog Warning

Gloucester Sunset - Winslow Homer

The Guide - Winslow Homer

Veteran in a New Field - Winslow Homer

Whittling Boy - Winslow Homer

Gloucester Sunset The Guide Veteran in a New Field Whittling Boy

Two Girls at the Beach - Winslow Homer

Fishing Boats Key West - Winslow Homer

Watermelon Boys - Winslow Homer

Red Canoe - Winslow Homer

Two Girls at the Beach Fishing Boats Key West Watermelon Boys Red Canoe

Three Boys with Lobster Pots - Winslow Homer

Nooning - Winslow Homer

Coral Divers - Winslow Homer

Hurricane Bahamas - Winslow Homer

Three Boys with Lobster Pots Nooning Coral Divers Hurricane Bahamas

Cotton Pickers - Winslow Homer

Fishin - Winslow Homer

The Water Fan - Winslow Homer

Life Line - Winslow Homer

Cotton Pickers Fishin' The Water Fan Life Line

Gloucester, Mackerel Fleet at Dawn - Winslow Homer

Fox Hunt - Winslow Homer

Prisoners from the Front - Winslow Homer

Gloucester, Mackerel Fleet at Dawn Fox Hunt Prisoners from the Front

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Winslow Homer Catalog


The following titles are some of the Winslow Homer paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com.

Adirondack Catch

Adirondack Guide

Adirondack Lake

After the Hunt

After the Hurricane


Along the Road, Bahamas

Among the Vegetables (Boy in a Cornfield)


Answering the Horn (The Home Signal)

Apple Picking (Two Girls in Sunbonnets or in the Orchard)

Army Boots

Artists Sketching in the White Mountains

Artist's Studio in an Afternoon Fog

At Tampa

At the Well

At the Window


Autumn, Mountainville, New York



Backyard, Summer

Basket of Clams




Beach Scene (Children in the Surf)

Beach Scene, Cullercoats

Bear and Canoe


Bermuda Settlers

Berry Pickers

Bird Catchers

Black Bass, Florida

Black Hat


Blown Away

Blue Boat

Boat Builders



Boston Common

Boy and Girl in a Landscape

Boy and Girl on a Hillside

Boy Fishing

Boy in a Boatyard

Boy in a Cornfield

Boy In a Small Boat

Boy on the Rocks

Boy with Anchor

Boys and Kitten

Boys Fishing, Gloucester Harbor

Boys in a Dory

Boys in a Pasture

Boys on a Dock (Boys Sitting on a Wharf)

Boys Sitting on a Wharf

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)

Bridle Path, White Mountains

Brierwood Pipe

Bright Side

Brook Trout

Brush Harrow

Burnt Mountain

Busy Bee

Butterfly Girl

By the Shore

Cabins, Nassau

Calling the Pilot

Camp Fire

Camp near Yorktown

Cannon Rock

Canoe in the Rapids

Canoeing in the Adirondacks

Canoes in Rapids, Saguenay River

Cape Trinity, Saguenay River

Carnival (Dressing for the Carnival)

Casting in the Falls

Casting the Fly

Cernay la Ville - French Farm

Channel Bass

Charles Savage Homer Junior

Children in the Surf

Children on a Fence

Children on the Beach

Children Playing under a Gloucester Wharf

Chinese in New York, scene in a Baxter Street Clubhouse

Clam Bake

Cloucester Harbor

Coast of Maine

Coconut Palms

Coconut Palms, Key West

Coming Storm


Coral Divers

Coral Formation

Corn Husking in New England


Cotton Pickers

Country School

Country Store

Cow in Pasture

Crab Fishing

Croquet Players

Croquet Scene

Crossing the Pasture

Customs House, Santiago de Cuba

Dad's Coming!

Dance of the Woodsmen

Dancing at the Casino

Dancing at the Mabille Paris

Daughter of the Coast Guard

Daughters of the Sea

Deep Sea Fishing

Deer Drinking

Deer in the Adirondacks


Diamond Shoal

Dinner Horn

Dog on a Log

Dogs in a Boat

Dressing for the Carnival


Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts

Early Evening (Sailors Take Warning)

Early Morning, After a Storm at Sea

East Hampton, Long Island

Eastern Point Light

Eastern Point, Prout's Neck

Eight Bells


End of the Hunt

End of the Portage

Entering the First Rapid

Faggot Gatherer

Fair Wind

Fallen Deer

Farmyard Wall


Feeding Time

Fish and Butterflies

Fish Story

Fisher Girl on Beach (Sketch for illustration of "The Incoming Tide")

Fisher wives


Fishergirls on Shore, Tynemouth

Fishergirls on the Beach, Tynemouth

Fisherman's Family (The Lookout)



Fishing Boats, Key West

Fishing in the Adirondacks

Fishing in the Pond

Fishing the Rapids, Saguenay

Flirting on the Seashore and on the Meadow

Flock of Sheep, Houghton Farm

Flower for the Teacher

Flower Garden and Bungalow, Bermuda


Fog Horn

Fog Warning

For the Farmer's Boy (old English Song)

Fountains at Night, World's Columbian Exposition

Four Fisherwives

Four Leaf Clover

Fox Hunt

Fresh Air

Fresh Eggs


Gallow's Island, Bermuda

Game of Croquet

Garden Gate

Garden in Nassau

Garden Wall

Girl and Daisies

Girl and Sheep

Girl in a Garden

Girl in a Hammock

Girl in a Punt

Girl in a Sunbonnet

Girl in the Orchard

Girl on a Swing

Girl on Beach

Girl Reading on a Stone Porch

Girl Seated

Girl Watering Plants

Girl with a Hay Rake

Girls Strolling in an Orchard

Girls with Lobster (or A Fisherman's Daughter)

Glass Windows, Bahamas


Gloucester Boys

Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor and Dory

Gloucester Harbor, Fishing Fleet

Gloucester Schooners and Sloop

Gloucester Sunset

Good One

Good Pool, Saguenay River

Good Shot, Adirondacks

Green Apples

Green Hill (On the Hill)


Guide Carrying a Deer

Guide Hiding a Canoe

Gulf Stream

Hark! The Lark!


Harvest Scene


Herring Fishing

Herring Net

High Cliff, Coast of Maine

Hilltop Barn

Homasassa Jungle

Home Signal

Home Sweet Home



Homosassa River

Horse and Plowman, Houghton Farm

Hound and Hunter

House and Trees

House, Santiago, Cuba

Houses of Parliament

Houses on a Hill

How Many Eggs

Hudson River

Hudson River at Blue Ledge, Essex County

Hudson River, Logging

Hunter in the Adirondacks

Huntsman and Dogs

Hurricane, Bahamas

Improve the present hour

In a Florida Jungle

In Autumn Woods

In Charge of Baby

Incoming Tide


Inland Water, Bermuda

Inside the Bar

Inside the Bar, Tynemouth

Jumping Trout

Key West

Key West, Hauling Anchor

Kissing the Moon

Landscape with Cow

Last Days of Harvest

Last Furrow

Leaping Trout

Life Line

Light on the Sea

Little Shepherdess

Live Oaks

Lobster Cove, Manchester, Massachusetts

Lobster Pot

Long Branch, New Jersey

Looking out to Sea

Looking over the Cliff


Lookout - 'All's Well'

Lost on the Grand Banks

Maine Cliffs

Maine Coast

Man in a Punt, Fishing

Man with a Sythe

Mending the Nets

Milk Maid

Milking Time

Mink Pond

Montagnais Indians


Moonlight, Wood Island Light

Morning - the Morning Mist

Morning Bell

Morning Glories

Morning Walk

Mount Washington

Mountain Climber Resting


Native Huts, Nassau

Natural Bridge, Bermuda

Negro Cabins and Palms

New Novel


Noon Recess

Noon Time


North Road, Bermuda



Norther - Key West

Observations on Shipboard

October Day

Old Friends

Old Settlers

On a Lee Shore

On Guard

On the Beach

On the Beach at Long Branch-- The Children's Hour

On the Beach, Long Branch, New Jersey

On the Beach, Marshfield

On the Bluff at Long Branch, at the Bathing Hour

On the Cliff

On the Cliff, Prout's Neck

On the Cliffs

On the Fence

On the Hill

On the Stile

On the Trail

On the Way to the Bahamas

Orange Tree, Nassau (Orange Trees and Gate)

Orange Trees and Gate

Oranges on a Branch

Osprey's Nest

Our Watering Places, the Empty Sleeve at Newport

Paddling at Dusk

Palm Tree, Nassau

Palm Trees, Florida

Peach Blossoms

Perils of the Sea


Pitching Quoits

Playing Him

Pond and Willows, Houghton Farm


Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of Helena de Kay

Prisoners from the Front

Promenade on the Beach

Prout's Neck in Winter

Prout's Neck, Maine

Pulling the Dory

Pumpkin Patch

Quananiche, Lake St. John

Quiet Pool on a Sunny Day

Rab and the Girls

Rainy Day in Camp

Rainy Day in Camp (Camp near Yorktown)

Rapids, Husdon River, Adirondacks


Red Canoe

Red Shirt, Homosassa, Florida

Redwing Blackbirds



Return of the Gleaner

Returning Fishing Boats

Returning from the Spring

Right and Left

Road in Nassau

Rocky Coast and Gulls


Rowing at Prout's Neck

Rowing Home

Rum Cay

Rustic Courtship


Saddle Horse in Farm Yard

Sailboat and Fourth of July Fireworks

Sailing a Dory

Sailing the Catboat

Sailors Take Warning

Salt Kettle, Bermuda

Sand Dune

Scene at Houghton Farm

School Time

Schooner at Anchor, Key West

Schooner at Sunset

Sea Trout

Searchlight on Harbor Entrance, Santiago de Cuba


Seven Boys in a Dory

Shall I Tell Your Fortune?

Shark Fishing

Sharpshooter on Picket Duty

Shell Heap


Shepherdess Tending Sheep

Shipbuilding at Gloucester

Shooting the Rapids

Shooting the Rapids, Saguenay River

Shore and Surf, Nassau

Shore at Bermuda

Sick Chicken

Signal of Distress

Skirmish in the Wilderness

Sleigh Ride

Sloop at a Wharf, Gloucester

Sloop, Bermuda

Sloop, Nassau

Snap the Whip


Song of the Lark

Spanish Girl with Fan

Sponge Boats, Key West

Sponge Diver

Sponge Fishing

Sponge Fishing, Nassau

Spotted Weakfish


St. John's River, Florida

Station House Lodgers

Stowing the Sail

Street Corner, Santiago de Cuba


Study for Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts

Summer Cloud

Summer Night

Summer Squall

Sunlight and Shadow

Sunlight on the Coast

Sunrise, Fishing in the Adirondacks

Sunset at Gloucester

Sunset Fires

Sunset, Prout's Neck

Sunset: Beaching the Boat

Surf At Prout's Neck 1895

Surf on Cliffs

Taking on Wet Provisions (Schooner marked Newport, K.W.)

Temperance Meeting (Noon Time)

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day in the Army- After Dinner: The wishbone

Three Boys in a Dory

Three Boys in a Dory with Lobster Pots

Three Boys on the Shore

Three Men in a Canoe

Through the Rocks

To the Rescue

Tornado, Bahamas

Towing the Boat

Trapper, Adirondacks

Tropical Breeze, Nassau

Trout Breaking

Trysting Place

Turkey Buzzard

Turtle Pond

Tutler's Tent

Twilight at Leeds, New York

Two Girls at the Beach, Tynemouth

Two Girls in Sunbonnets or in the Orchard

Two Guides

Two Ladies

Two Men in a Canoe

Two Schooners

Two Trout


Tynemouth Priory, England

Uncle Ned at Home

Under a Palm Tree

Under the Coco Palm

Under the Falls, Catskill Mountains

Under the Falls, The Grand Discharge


Unexpected Catch

Unruly Calf

Veteran in a New Field

Visit from the Old Mistress

Voice from the Cliffs


Waiting for a Bite

Waiting for an Answer

Waiting for Dad

Waiting for the Boats

Waiting for the Return of the Fishing Fleet

Wall, Nassau

War for the Union, 1862

Warm Afternoon

Watching a Storm on the English Coast

Watching the Breaker - A High Sea

Watching the Harbor

Watching the Surf

Watching the Tempest

Watch-tower, Corner of Spring and Varick Streets, New York

Watermelon Boys

Waverly Oaks

Weaning the Calf


Weather beaten

West India Divers

West Point, Prout's Neck

West Wind

Where are the Boats? (On the Cliffs)

White Mountain Wagon

Whittling Boy

Winter at Sea - Taking in Sail Off the Coast

Winter Coast

Winter, Prout's Neck, Maine

Woman and Elephant

Woman on a Bench

Woman Peeling a Lemon

Woman Sewing

Woman with a Flower

Women Watching the Sea

Woodchopper in the Adirondacks


Woods at Prout's Neck

Woodsman and Fallen Tree


Wreck of the Iron Crown

Yacht in a Cove

Yachting, off Cloucester

Young Ducks

Young Ladies School Promenading the Avenue.

Young Woman

Young Woman with a Parasol






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