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Battle between Sioux and Sauk and Fox - George Catlin
Little Wolf North American Indians Battle between Sioux and Sauk and Fox
Moose at Waterhole - George Catlin
Tuch-ee, Chief of the Cherokees Bull Dance, Mandan o-kee-pa Ceremony Moose at Waterhole
Nishnabottana Bluffs, Upper Missouri - George Catlin
Prairie Meadows Burning Buffalo Bull's Back Fat, Head Chief, Blood Tribe Nishnabottana Bluffs, Upper Missouri
Grizzly Bear and Mouse - George Catlin
White Cloud, Chief of the Iowas Sioux War Council Grizzly Bear and Mouse
Chief Co-ee-ha-jo - George Catlin
Buffalo Chase Taming Wild Horses  

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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George Catlin Catalog


The following titles are some of the George Catlin paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
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Ah-quee-we-zaints (The Boy)

Ambush for Flamingos

Ball Players

Ball-Play Dance

Battle between Sioux and Sauk and Fox

Bear Dance

Big Elk

Bird's Eye View of Niagara Falls


Black Rock

Blackfoot Indian Pe-Toh-Pee-Kiss, The Eagle Ribs

Blackfoot Medicine Man

Boy Chief, Ojibbeway

Brave Chief

Brick Kilns

Brick Kilns Clay Bluffs

Broken Arm

Buffalo Bull a Grand Pawnee Warrior

Buffalo Bull and Big Elk

Buffalo Bull dance of the Mandan tribe

Buffalo Bull grazing

Buffalo Bull protecting Calf and Mother

Buffalo Bull (Grand Pawnee Warrior)

Buffalo Bull's Back Fat, Head Chief, Blood Tribe

Buffalo Bulls Fighting in Running Season, Upper Missouri

Buffalo Chase 'Singling Out'

Buffalo Dance

Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Hunt under the Wolf-skin Mask

Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Hunt, Chase And Antelope Shooting

Buffalo Hunt Surrounded

Camp of Piekann Indians

Cat of Ostend

Catching the Wild Horse and Buffalo Hunt

Catching Wild Horses on the Plains

Chief Keokuk

Chief Wolf on the Hill and his Wife

Choctaw Ball-Play Dance

Choctaw Woman

Civilisation of the Indian

Clara Bartlet Gregory (Mrs. George Catlin)

Co-ee-h-jo, a Seminole Chief

Comanche family

 Comanche Feats of Martial Horsemanship

Comanche Meeting the Dragoons

Comanche Warrior

Comanchee Village

Crow Indian Pa-Ris-Ka-Roo-Pa, 'The Two Crows'

Dakota Chief One Horn

De Tonty Suing for Peace in the Iroquois Village

Dying Buffalo Shot with an Arrow

Falls of St. Anthony

Fire in a Missouri Meadow

Floyd's Grave, Where Lewis and Clark Buried Sergeant Floyd

General William Clark

General Winfield Scott

H-tchoo-tc-knee, Snapping Turtle

H'co-a-h'co-a-h'cotes-min, a Flat Head Warrior

Head Chief Clermont

Head of Kate One Horn

Hee-doh-'gee-ats, A Chenook Boy

Hl-te-ml-te-tz-te-nek-ee, Sam Perryman

Hunting Buffalo Camouflaged with Wolf Skins

Hunting Buffalo on Snow Shoes

Indian Ball Game

Indian Encampment

Indians Hunting the Grizzly Bear

Interior View of the Medicine Lodge Mandan O kee pa Ceremony

Iowa Indians Who Visited London and Paris

Jaguar Hunt, Brazil


J-ah-ks-gaw, Woman with Her Child in a Cradle

Kee-mn-saw, Little Chief, a Chief

Kee-o-kuk (The Running Fox)

Kei-a-gis-gis, a woman of the Plains Ojibwa

Kt-tee-o-tb-bee, How Did He Kill

Last Race, Mandan O-Kee-Pa Ceremony

Le Chat d Ostend

Little Bear, Hunkpapa Brave

Little Bear, Steep Wind, The Dog; Three Distinguished Warriors of the Sioux Tribe

Mh-to-th-pa, Four Bears, Second Chief

Mandan Archery Contest


Mandan ceremony

Mandan Indian Ha-Na-Tah-Muah, Wolf chief

Mandan Medicine Man Mah-to-hah 'Old Bear'

Mandan okipa ceremony

Mandan tribal dance representing 'Day' and 'Night'

Mandran Indian initiation ceremony

Mato-Tope, second chief of the Mandan people

Minatarees attacking buffalo on horseback

Mint Mandan Indian Girl

Missouri prairie fire

M-meek-ee-sunk-te-ka, A Mandan Girl

Moose at Waterhole

M-sho-la-tb-bee Chief of the Tribe

Muck-a-tak-mish-o-kah-kaik Sauk Chief

Nah-pope Sauk Warrior

Native Americans killing a bear

Native Americans performing a Tribal Dance

Natives of the Bay of San Francisco


Niagara Falls

North American Indian

North American Indians

Not-een-a-alom (The Strong Wind)

O-Kee-Pa religious ceremony of the Mandan tribe

Old Bear Medicine Man

Osage Hunters catching Wild Horses

Osage warrior of the Wha-sha-she band Os-ce-o-l (Black Drink)

Osceola (Rising Sun)

Ostrich Chase, Buenos Aires


Pawnee Warriors

Pigeon's Egg Head

Pipestone Quarry on the Coteau des Prairies

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of Black Hawk, Indian Chief

Portrait of Osceola

Portraits of Grizzly Bear and Mouse

Prairie Meadows Burning

Pshn-shaw, Sweet-scented Grass, Twelve-year-old Daughter of Bloody Hand

Red Indian Horsemanship

Red Indians using the Travois

Red Jacket

Riccaree village, Native American Indian

River Bluffs

Scalp Dance, Sioux


See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man

Self Portrait

Seminole Chief Osceola

Sha-ko-ka, A Mandan Girl

She who Bathed her Knees

Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Osage tribe

Shon-ta-yi-ga, Little Wolf Famous Warrior

Sioux ball player Ah-No-Je-Nange

Sioux ball player We-Chush-Ta-Doo-Ta, 'The Red Man'

Sioux Buffalo Dance

Sioux Camp Scene

Sioux chief, 'The Black Rock'

Sioux Indians hunting buffalo

Sioux Mother and Baby

Sioux Mother with Baby in a cradleboard

Sioux Village

Sioux War Council

Snow Shoe Dance

Snow Shoe Dance: to Thank the Great Spirit for the First Appearance of Snow

St. Louis from the River Below

Stalking buffalo

Teepee of the Crow Tribe

The White Buffalo

Theodore Burr Catlin in Indian Costume

Three Osage Braves

Tipi Village

Tuch-ee, A Cherokee War Chief

Tul-lock-chsh-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone

Ud-je-jock, Pelican

Village of the Hidatsa tribe at Knife River

Virginia Constitutional Convention

Wah ro nee sah, An Ottoe Chief

War Dance by Ojibbeway Indians

War on the plains.

Comanche trying to lance Osage warrior

Warrior of the Crow Tribe

White Cloud Chief of the Iowas

White House in 1820


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