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Death & the Girl Agony The Family Mother with Two Children
Four Trees Truth Unveiled Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up

Autumn Trees

Actress Marga Boerner with Compact

Landscape at Krumau Cardinal and Nun Sunflowers
Old Houses - Egon Schiele

Old Houses

Dead City III (City on the Blue River) Small City III Young Tree

Reclining Woman with Green Stockings

Arthur Roessler Blind Mother Shrines in the Wood

Boats Mirrored in the Water

Artist's Room in Neulengbach Dr. Hugo Koller A Village

Poet (Self-Portrait)

House with Drying Laundry Suburb I Melanie with Silver-Colored Scarves

Death and Man, Tod Und Mann or Selbstseher (Self Seer)

Hill Near Krumau, Mount Thunderstorm Kahle Baeume, Haeuser Und Bildstock (Klosterneuburg, Austria) Hermits


Trieste Fishing Boat Four Trees II View from the Drawing Classroom Klosterneuburg

Field of Flowers

House with a Bay Window Church in Stein on the Danube Apartment of Leopold and Marie Czihaczek

Silhouette of Klosterneuburg

Sunflower Town Square in Klosterneuberg The Bridge

Old Brick House in Carinthia

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.


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Egon Schiele Catalog


The following titles are some of the Egon Schiele paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Tree in Late Autumn

Actress Marga Boerner

Adele Harms


Albert Paris von Gutersloh

Anton Peschka

Arthur Lowenstein (Composer)

Arthur Roessler Art Critic

Artist's Mother, Sleeping

Artist's Sister-in-Law in a Striped Dress, Seated

Artist's Wife

Artist's Wife Seated, Holding Her Right Leg

Artist's Wife, Seated

Autumn Sun I

Autumn Tree in Movement

Autumn Tree with Fuchsias

Autumn Trees

Bare Tree behind a Fence


Blind Mother


Boy in a Sailor Suit

Boy with Hand to Face

Cardinal and Nun (Caress)


Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance

Child in Black

Church in Stein on the Danube

City on the Blue River

Clothed Woman, Reclining

Composition with Three Male Figures (Self Portrait)


Crouching Figure (Valerie Neuzil)


Dancer Moa

Das Schlafende Madchen

Daydreamer (Gerti Schiele)

Dead City III (City on the Blue River III)

Dead Mother

Death and Man

Death and the Maiden

Deuring Castle, Bregenz

Double Portrait (Chief Inspector Heinrich Benesch and His Son Otto)

Double Self Portrait

Dr. Heinrich Rieger

Dr. Hugo Koller

Dr. Viktor Ritter von Bauer

Edge of Town (Krumau Town Crescent III)

Edith Schiele

Edith Schiele in a Striped Dress

Edith Schiele, Seated

Eduard Kosmack

Eduard Kosmack with Raised Left Hand

Eduard Kosmack with Clasped Hands

Einzeine Hauser

Embrace (Lovers II)

Erich Lederer

Erwin Dominilk Osen


Female Model in Bright Red Jacket and Pants

Female Nude

Female Nude - Back View

Female Nude Lying on Her Stomach

Female Torso, Squatting

Field Landscape (Kreuzberg near Krumau)

Field of Flowers


Forest with Sunlit Clearing in the Background

Forty-Ninth Secession Exhibition Poster

Four Trees

Frau Dr. Horak

Frau Schiele

Friederike Maria Beer

Gerti Schiele

Girl in a Blue Apron

Girl in Black

Girl in Black Pinafore, Wrapped in Plaid blanket

Girl in Blue Dress

Girl with Green Pinafore

Girl with Hood

Green Stocking

Grigori Kladjishuli

Guido Arnot

Harbor of Trieste

Head of Dr. Fritsch

Heinrich Benesch

Heinrich Benesch and His Son Otto

Heinrich Rieger


Hindering the Artist

Holy Family

House Between Trees I


House on a River (Old House I)

House with a Bay Window in the Garden

House with Drying Laundry

House with Shingles

Houses by the River II (The Old City II)

Houses on the Moldau, Krumau

Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg

Houses with Laundry (Seeburg II)

I Love Antitheses

Island Town (Krumau Town Crescent II)

Johann Harms

Karl Maylander

Karl Zakovsek

Kneeling Female Nude, Back View

Kneeling Semi-Nude

Kneeling Young Man

Kreuzberg near Krumau

Krumau Landscape (Town and River)

Krumau Town Crescent I

Landscape at Krumau

Landscape in Lower Austria

Langhaariger Akt, vornubergebeugt, Ruckenansicht

Leopold Czihaczek

Leopold Czihaczek (Head of a Bearded Man I)

Leopold Czihaczek in Profile Facing Left

Leopold Czihaczek, Standing


Little Girl with Blond Hair in a Red Dress

Little Tree (Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance)

Lovers: Man and Woman I

Madchenkopf (Frau Sohn)

Male Nude

Male Nude in Profile Facing Left (Self Portrait)

Man Bencind Down Deeply

Man with a Floppy Hat

Man with Blue Headband and Hand on Cheek

Marga Boerner

Max Oppenheimer

Meadow with Village in Background II

Meadow, Church and Houses

Melanie in Portrait


Miss Waerndorfer


Mother and Child

Mother and Child (Madonna)

Mother with Two Children

Mountain Torrent

Old Brick House in Carinthia

Old City I (Dead City V)

Old Houses in Krumau

On the Beach - Moonlight

Peasant Homestead in a Landscape

Peasants' Jug

Poldi Lodzinsky

Portrait of a Boy

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman with Black Hair

Portrait of a Woman with Blue and Green Scarf

Portrait of an Old Man

Pregnant Woman and Death


Prophets (Double Self Portrait)

Reclining Boy Leaning on His Elbow

Reclining Female Nude

Reclining Girl on a Pillow

Reclining Girl, with Round Head

Reclining Semi-Nude with Red Hat

Reclining Woman with Blond Hair

Reclining Woman with Green Stockings (Adele Harms)

Reclining Woman with Red Blouse

River Landscape


Russian Prisoner of War (Grigori Kladjishuli)

Russian Prisoner of War with Fur Hat

Sailing Boat with Reflection in the Water

Sailing Ship with Dinghy

Sarena Lederer


Schiele's Room in Neulengbach

Scornful Woman

Seated Child: Anton Peschka, Jr

Seated Couple (Egon and Edith Schiele)

Seated Girl

Seated Girl Facing Front

Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt

Seated Girl with Raised Left Leg

Seated Male Nude, Right Hand Outstretched

Seated Woman

Seated Woman in Violet Stockings

Seated Woman with Bent Knee

Seated Woman with Green Stockings

Seated Woman with Her Left Hand in Her Hair

Seated Young Girl

Self Portrait

Self Portrait as St. Sebastian

Self Portrait in Jerkin with Right Elbow Raised



Self Portrait in Lavender and Dark Suit, Standing

Self Portrait with Arm Twisting above Head

Self Portrait with Black Vase and Spread Fingers

Self Portrait with Brown Background

Self Portrait with Checkered Shirt

Self Portrait with Hand to Cheek

Self Portrait with Hands on Chest

Self Portrait with Outstretched Arms

Self Portrait with Raised Arms, Back View

Self Portrait with Spread Fingers

Self-Seers II (Death and Man)

Semi-Nude with Colored skirt and Raised Arms

Semi-Nude, Back View

Setting Sun

Silhouette of Klosterneuburg

Sitting Child

Sitting Woman

Sitting Woman in a Green Blouse

Sleeping Child

Small City I (Dead City VI)

Small City II

Spitalskirche, Molding

Standing Female Nude in a Blue Robe

Standing Figure with Halo

Standing Girl in a Blue Dress and Green Stockings, Back View

Standing Girl in a Plaid Garment

Standing Male Nude

Standing Male Nude with a Red Loincloth

Standing Male Nude, Back View

Standing Nude with Large Hat (Gertrude Schiele)

Standing Woman in a Green Skirt

Standing Woman in Profile

Standing Woman in Red

Stein on the Danube with Terraced Vineyards

Stein on the Danube, Seen from the Kreuzberg

Street in Krumau

Summer Landscape, Krumau



The Bridge

The Brother

The Mill

Three Girls

Town on the Blue River

Trees Mirrored in a Pond

Trieste Fishing Boat

Triple Self Portrait

Truth was Revealed

Two Boys

Two Female Nudes, One Reclining, One Kneeling (The Friends)

Two Friends

Two Girls

Two Girls Lying Entwined

Two Girls on a Fringed Blanket

Two Guttersnipes

Two Kneeling Figures (Parallelogram)

Two Little Girls

Two Seated Girls

Valerie Neuzil

Victor Ritter von Bauer

View from the Drawing Classroom Klosterneuburg

View from the Drawing Classroom, Klosterneuburg

View into the Apartment of Leopold and Marie Czihaczek

View of Houses and Roofs of Krumau, Seen from the Schlossberg

Village by the River II

Village with Mountains

Vorstadt I

Wally with a Red Blouse

Water Sprites II

Willy Lidl

Winding Brook

Windows (Facade of a House)

Winter Trees

Woman in a Green Blouse and Muff

Woman in Black Stockings

Woman Undressing

Woman with Black Hat

Woman with Black Stockings

Woman with Blue Stockings

Woman with Greyhound (Edith Schiele)

Woman with Long Hair

Woodland Prayer

Yellow City

Young Mother (Blind Mother)




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