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Jocko with a Hedgehog - Edwin Henry Landseer
Hawking Monarch of the Glen Falcon Jocko with a Hedgehog
Low Life Laying Down the Law Windsor Castle in Modern Times Death of the Wild Bull
Scene in the Olden Time at Bolton Abbey Saved Brazilian Marmosets High Life
Wild Cattle of Chillingham Deer and Deerhounds in a Mountain Torrent Cat's Paw Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner
Eos, Favorite Greyhound of Prince Albert Hunting of Chevy Chase Dignity and Impudence Attachment
Highland Breakfast Shoeing Monkey Who Had Seen the World Queen Victoria on Horseback
Isaac Van Amburgh and His Animals Queen Victoria at Osborne House Macaw, Love Birds, Terrier, and Spaniel Puppies, Belonging to Her Majestyr Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Edwin Landseer Catalog


The following titles are some of the Edwin Landseer paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 


All that Remains of the Glory of William Smith

Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler

An Old Man and his Dog Seated by a Road Side

Arab Stallion

Arab Tent

Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time

Bolton Court in Olden Time

Boney and Var

Breakfast Party

Catherine Seyton Looking from the Battlements at Loch Leven

Cats Paw


Chevy Chase

Child with a drawing

Children of the Hon Col Seymour Bathurst

Comical Dogs


Courtyard in Olden Times

Dead Stags

Death of the Stag

Deer Stalkers and a Dead Stag

Deer Stalking in the Highlands

Deerstalkers Return

Dignity and Impudence 1839

Dog Outside a Kennel

Doubtful Crumbs

Duchess of Abercorn and her Daughter

Duchess of Abercorn looking out of a Window

Faithful Hound


Farewell Dear Old Chillingham

Fireside Party

First Leap Lord Alexander Russell on his Pony Emerald

Foresters Family

Group of Animals Geneva

Group of Stags

Head Study of a Collie Dog

Highland Flood

Highland Landscape

Highland Landscape possibly a view of Glencoe

Highland Landscape with Split Scotch Pine

Highland Landscape with Stalkers Resting by a Loch

Highland Loch

Highland Nurses

Highland Pool

Highland Stream or Highland Landscape Glen Tilt

Hooded Falcon

Hours of Innocence Lord Alexander Russell son of the 6th Duke of Bedford with His Dog


Jack in Office

Jack in Office

Jocko with a Hedgehog

King of the Castle

Lady Dyke

Lady Godiva’s Prayer

Lady Louisa Russell, Marchioness of Abercorn Holding her Daughter, Lady Harriet Hamilton (Later Countess of Lichfield) 1834

Lake Scene at Sunset


Lion Drinking at a Stream

Lions at a Kill

Little Strollers

Man Proposes

Marianne a Favorite Hunter

Monarch of the Glen

Moonlight Landscape

Moorland Landscape

Mother with two Children

Naughty Child

Neptune the Property of William Ellis Gosling Esq

Newfoundland Dog Called Lion

Niccolo Paganini Playing the Violin

Noble Beast

None But the Brave Deserve the Fair

Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner

Otter Hounds

Pack of Wolves Devouring a Horses Head

Pomeranian Dog

Pony and Cart in Geneva

Portrait of a Prize Pig Property of Squire Weston of Essex

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of Mr Van Amburgh with his Animals at the London Theatre

Portrait of Prince Leopold 1853-84 Eighth Child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Portrait of Sir Walter Scott

Portrait of William Spencer Cavendish

Portrait Sketch of Sir Walter Scott 1771-1832

Portrait study of a Girl

Pot of Gartness

Prince Georges Favorites



Puppy Teasing a Frog

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Bal Costume

Queen Victoria and the Duke of Wellington Reviewing the Life Guards Windsor Great Park in the Distance

Queen Victoria in Windsor Home Park

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Princess Victoria 1841-45

Queen Victoria’s Favorite Dog Eos

Random Shot

Rat Catchers

Rent Day in the Wilderness

Return from Deerstalking

Richard Cavendish with Spot

River Landscape at Sunset


Scene from A Midsummer Nights Dream

Scene in Braemar- Highland Deer 1857

Scene in Chillingham Park Portrait of Lord Ossulston

Scene in the Olden Times at Bolton Abbey

Serving the Guns

Shepherd and his Flock

Sketch for The Challenge

Sketch of a Collie



Stag and Does

Stag and Hound

Stags Heads and Dog

Stone Breaker and his Daughter

Study for Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time

Study for Hunters and Hounds

Study of a Chow

Study of a Dead Stag

Study of a Highland Landscape


Sydney Smith 1771-1845

There is No Place Like Home

Three Sheep at Rest


Traveled Monkey

Trial by Jury


Two Dogs

West End Fair Monkeys and Dogs Performing on a Stage

Wild Cattle at Chillingham

Windsor Castle in Modern Times

Winter Landscape with Figures Sheltering

Wolf and Fox Hunt

Woody Landscape with a Swan on a Pond

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