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Morning over the Husdon Valley from the Catskills - Frederic Edwin Church Tequendama Falls near Bogota - Frederic Edwin Church Fog off Mount Desert - Frederic Edwin Church Twilight 1850 - Frederic Edwin Church
Morning over the Husdon Valley from the Catskills Tequendama Falls near Bogota Fog off Mount Desert Twilight 1850
Old Boat - Frederic Edwin Church Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset - Frederic Edwin Church Waterfall 1858 - Frederic Edwin Church Above the Clouds at Sunrise - Frederic Edwin Church
Old Boat Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset Waterfall 1858 Above the Clouds at Sunrise
Beacon off Mount Desert Island - Frederic Edwin Church Otter Creek - Frederic Edwin Church Great Basin, Mount Katahdin, Maine - Frederic Edwin Church View in Pittsford Vt - Frederic Edwin Church
Beacon off Mount Desert Island Otter Creek Great Basin, Mount Katahdin, Maine View in Pittsford VT
Ruins at Sunion Greece - Frederic Edwin Church Cotopaxi - Frederic Edwin Church La Magdalena - Frederic Edwin Church Aurora Borealis - Frederic Edwin Church
Ruins at Sunion Greece Cotopaxi La Magdalena Aurora Borealis
Lake Scene in Mount Desert - Frederic Edwin Church Home by the Lake - Frederic Edwin Church Our Banner in the Sky - Frederic Edwin Church View of Mount Katahdin - Frederic Edwin Church
Lake Scene in Mount Desert Home by the Lake Our Banner in the Sky View of Mount Katahdin
New England Landscape - Frederic Edwin Church Natural Bridge Virginia - Frederic Edwin Church Landscape in Greece - Frederic Edwin Church West Rock New Haven - Frederic Edwin Church
New England Landscape Natural Bridge Virginia Landscape in Greece West Rock New Haven
Lake Scene n the Adirondacks - Frederic Edwin Church Cotopaxi Ecuador 1862 - Frederic Edwin Church Parthenon - Frederic Edwin Church Tropical Landscape - Frederic Edwin Church
Lake Scene n the Adirondacks Cotopaxi Ecuador 1862 Parthenon Tropical Landscape
July Sunset Berkshire County - Frederic Edwin Church Icebergs - Frederic Edwin Church Ecuadorian Landscape 1872 - Frederic Edwin Church Autumn 1875 - Frederic Edwin Church
July Sunset Berkshire County Icebergs Ecuadorian Landscape 1872 Autumn 1875
 Magdalena River - Frederic Edwin Church Cross in the Wilderness - Frederic Edwin Church Memory of Cole - Frederic Edwin Church Winter on the Hudson River Near Catskill New York - Frederic Edwin Church
Magdalena River Cross in the Wilderness Memory of Cole Winter on the Hudson River Near Catskill New York
Cotopaxi 1855 - Frederic Edwin Church Country Home - Frederic Edwin Church The Wreck 1852 - Frederic Edwin Church Coast Scene - Frederic Edwin Church
Cotopaxi 1855 Country Home The Wreck 1852 Coast Scene

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Frederic Church Catalog


The following titles are some of the Frederic Church paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Catskill Landscape

A Coast Line in Jamaica, West Indies

A Country Home

A Passing Storm

Above the Clouds at Sunrise

Al Ayn

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, Mt. Desert Island, from Bar Harbor, Maine


Autumn in North America

Autumn Landscape, Vermont

Autumn on the Hudson

Autumn Shower

Banana Tree

Beacon off Mount Desert Island

Broken Column, the Parthenon, Athens

Broken Columns, View from the Parthenon, Athens

Camp Fire In the Maine Wilderness



Christian on the Borders of the "Valley of the Shadow of Death"

Clouds over Olana

Cloudy Skies, Sunset, Jamaica

Coast Scene

Coast Scene, Mount Desert


Cross in the Wilderness

El Khasne Petra

El Rio de Luz

Evening in the Tropics

Figures in a New England Landscape

Figures in an Ecuadorian Landscape

Fog off Mount Desert

Grand Manan Island

Great Basin, Mount Katahdin, ,Maine

Heart of the Andes

Hinter Schonau and Reiteralp Mountains, Bavaria

Home by the Lake

Hooker and Company Journeying through the Wilderness from Plymouth to Hartford In 1636

Horseshoe Falls

Hudson Valley, Near Olana, New York

Iceberg Fantasy

Iceberg, Newfoundland

Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset

Icebergs at Midnight, Labrador

Icebergs, Twillingate, Newfoundland

In the Tropics

Interior of the Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Syria

Ira Mountain, Vermont

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

July Sunset Berkshire County Massachusetts

Konigsee, Bavaria

La Magdalena (Scene on the Magdalena)

Lake Scene

Lake Scene in Mount Desert

Landscape in Greece

Landscape in the Adirondacks

Landscape with Waterfall


Morning in the Tropics

Morning, Looking East over the Husdon Valley from Catskill Mountains

Moses Viewing the Promised Land

Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador, Shown from Riiobamba

Mount Katahdin from Millinocket Camp

Mount Ktaadn

Mount Ktaadn (Mount Katahdin)

Mount Lebanon

Mountain Landscape with River, Near Philadelphia

Mountain Stream, Yemen valley, Palestine

Mountains of Ecuador (Tropical Morning)

New England Landscape

New England Landscape (Evening after a Storm)

New England Landscape with Ruined Chimney

New England Scenery

Newport Mountain, Mount Desert

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls from the American Side

Niagara Falls and Terrapin Tower

Niagara Falls from Goat Island, Winter

North Lake

North Peristyle, Parthenon, Athens

Off Iceberg, Newfoundland

On Otter Creek

Otter Creek, Mount Desert

Our Banner in the Sky

Our Flag

Palm Trees and Housetops, Ecuador

Palm Trees, West Indies

Parthenon, Athens, from the Northwest (Illuminated Night View)

Plant Study, Jamaica, West Indies

Rain Forest, Jamaica, West Indies

Rainy Season in the Tropics

Red Hills near Kingston, Jamaica

Rooftops at Sunset, Rome, Italy

Rough Surf Mount Desert Island

Ruins at Baalbek

Rutland Falls Vermont 1848

Salzburg Castle

Salzburg, Austria, View of the Castle

Scene among the Andes

Scene on the Catskill Creek, New York

Scene on the Magdalena

Secluded Landscape at Sunset

Shooting Stars

South American Landscape

Southwest Facade, Olana

Storm in the Mountains

Study for "The Heart of the Andes"

Study for "The Icebergs"

Study for "Under Niagara"

Study of Zoomorphic Rock, Petra


Sunrise in Syria


Sunset in Ecuador

Sunset, Bar Harbor

Sunset, Jamaica (study for "The After Glow"

Syria by the Sea

Tamaca Palms

Tequendama Falls Near Bogota New Granada

The Aegean Sea

The Andes of Ecuador

The Arabian Desert

The Charter Oak at Hartford

The Cordilleras: Sunrise

The Evening Star

The Falls of Tequendama

The Great Fall, Niagara

The Heart of the Andes

The Hudson Valley in Winter from Olana

The Iceberg

The Icebergs

The Magdalena River Ecuador

The Mediterranean Sea

The Monastery of San Pedro

The Natural Bridge, Virginia

The Old Boat

The Parthenon

The Parthenon from the Southeast

The River of Light

The Ruins at Sunion, Greece

The Star in the East

The Vale of St. Thomas, Jamaica

The Wreck

Thunder Clouds, Jamaica

To the Memory of Cole

Tropical Landscape

Tropical Scenery: South American Landscape


Twilight among the Mountains

Twilight in the Wilderness

Twilight Mount Desert Island, Maine

View from Olana in the Snow

View in Pittsford, Vt.

View near Stockbridge, Mass.

View of Cotopaxi

View of Ed Deir, Petra, Jordan

View of Mount Katahdin

View of the Acropolis, Athens

View Towards Damascus, Syria

West Rock, New Haven

Winter on the Hudson River Near Catskill, New York

Winter Scene, Olana



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