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Breakfast Under the Big Birch - Carl Larsson
Pontus Getting Ready for a Game Yard and the Washhouse Breakfast Under the Big Birch
Christmas Eve Cozy Corner Britta in the Flowerbed Flowers on the Windowsill
Crayfishing Lucia Room of Mammy and the Small Girls Kitchen

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Carl Larsson Catalog


The following titles are some of the Carl Larsson paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

After putting the children to Bed


Anna Johanna


Antiquity Room

Apple Blossom

Apple Harvest

Around the Lamp

At Church

At the Cellar

At the Evening Lamp



Barbro Laurin


Boarding School

Book for three

Breakfast in the Open

Breakfast under the Big Birch



Brita and I

Brita as Iduna

Brita at the Piano

Brita in the Flowerbed

Brita Vid Pianot

Brita, Cat and a Sandwich

Brita's Cactus

Brita's Little Nap


Carpenter Hellberg's Children

Carpenter Shop

Catch-up Homework

Chess Game

Christmas Break

Christmas Evening

Christmas Morning

Christmas Roses

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, Seven O'Clock!

Corner Study


Cottage in the Snow

Cowgirl in the meadow


Daniels Mats

Day Before Christmas

Decorating the Tree (Julgranskonfekt)


Dressing Up (Masquerade)

Eighteen Years Old!

En Bergman Stuga

Entry of King Gustav Vasa of Sweden into Stockholm

Esbjorn and the Farmer's Girl

Esbjorn Doing His Homework

Esbjorn Fishing

Esbjorn on Skis

Esbjorn Reading on the Veranda

Evening before the Journey to England

Evening Meal

Fairy Tales

Fairy, or Kersti, and a View of a Meadow

Falun Yard




Father and Mother

Father, Mother and Child

Fertilizing the Field

First Lesson

Fishing (Napp)

Fishing of the Crabs

Flower Window

Flowers in the Meadow

Flowers on the Windowsill

For Granma on Her Birthday

Friend from Town

Front Yard and the Wash House

Garden with Sculptures


Getting Ready for a Game of Cards

Girl Weaving Red Ribbon

Girls of the Carpenter Helberg


God's Peace

Good Place for Swimming

Grandfather with Esbjorn

Greta and Dora-Nora

Grez-sur-Loing's Reservoir

Gunlog with Mother

Hakon, Daga and Edgar

Harrowing the Field

Harvesting Ice

Hat Fitting

Her Royal Highness Big Sister

Hide and Seek


Home's Good Angel



In Mother's Bed

In Sundborn Church

In the Garden

In the Hawthorn

In the punishment corner

In the Studio after the Ball

Interior of the gallery Fürstenberg in Göteborg

Interior with a Woman Reading

Interior with Cactus

Karin and Brita

Karin and Esbjorn

Karin and Kersti

Karin by the Linen Cupboard

Karin I Grez, Hostmotiv (Karin in Grez, Autumn)

Karin reading

Kersti 1915

Kersti's Birthday

Kersti's Sleigh Ride


Lady Reading a Newspaper

Last Sunrays

Late Riser's Miserable Breakfast

Late Summer, Karin by the Shore

Lazy Corner

Light Interior in Mora

Lillanna Feeds the Heater

Lisbeth and Lilies

Lisbeth and Peonies

Lisbeth at the Birch

Lisbeth Fishing

Lisbeth in the Atelier

Lisbeth Prepares a Bath

Lisbeth reading

Lisbeth represents the mean princess in the Blue Bird

Lisbeth with Yellow


Mamma's and the small girls' room

Manure Pile

Martina in Front of the Fire

Martina with Breakfast Tray

Matts Larsson

Midwinter Sacrifice

Minni And Essi

Model on the Table

Model Writing Postcards

Mother and daughter

Mowing the Oats

Mrs. Dora Lamm

My friends, the Carpenter and the Painter

My Little Farm

My Loved Ones

My mother

My room

My workshop of engraving

Nap Outdoors

New Book


Now its Christmas

October, the Pumpkins

Old Church

Old Man and the New Trees

Oldest Son

On the Farm

On the Grass

Our Princess


Outside Summer Winds are Blowing





Portrait of Anna Petersson-Norrie

Portrait of Göthilda Fürstenderg

Potato Harvest


Rattvik Girl by Wooden Storehouse

Red Coat


Roses De Noel

Rural interior in winter


Say Hello Nicely



Seen in the Mirror

Self Portrait

Shelling Peas

Skalorna (Playing Scales)


Solrosorna (Sunflowers)



Still Life Painter


Study of the King

Summer Morning (at Spardavet)

Sunday Rest

Sunday Rest



Suzanne and Another

Suzanne in the Woods

Suzanne with Milk and Book

Threshing of the Grain

Ulf and Pontus


Under the birches

Under the Chestnut Tree


View of Montcourt

Viking Expedition

Where I Do My Etching

Winter Cottage

Woman Lying on a Bench

Woodcutters in the Forest


Young Girl with a Doll


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