Garden of Earthly Delights - Hieronymus Bosch

Complete Triptych (Five Panels)

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 Garden of Earthly Delights Complete Triptych - Hieronymus Bosch

Garden of Earthly Delights - Complete Triptych

Can be provided as each panel as a separate painting or as one continuous painting.  The triptych can also be ordered

without the exterior panels.  To order the panels individually go to the Hieronymus Bosch Gallery.

"Received the Garden of Earthly Delights today.   I love it!   Thank you, it's perfect.  

Looking forward to working with you again."   John P. ~ Sylan Lake, MI


137 W (total width) x 54 H inches  


174 W (total width) x 68 H inches  


227 W (total width) x 88 H inches - Original size


"Just wanted you to know I picked up the Earthly Delights paintings today, and they look great.   I will

 definitely write a recommendation, and be ordering more in the future."   Thomas I. ~ Seattle, WA

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The Garden of Earthly Delights five panel triptych was painted by Hieronymus Bosch and little is

 known about him.   We donít know Boschís birth date, level of education, or his patrons.   Bosch did not

 date his work.   Art historians have made their best estimate of the date of this piece taking into

 consideration a number of factors, including the age of the wood panels and the inclusion of a pineapple

 (a fruit from the New World which dates the painting after Columbusís voyage).  Itís currently thought

 to have been painted sometime between 1490 and 1510.   Bosch painted The Garden of Earthly

 Delights using oil paint on oak panels. Oil paint was still less than 100 years old at that time. Flemish

 artist Jan Van Eyck created the technique around 1410.  The first mention of The Garden of Earthly

 Delights was a year after Bosch died in1517.   At that time, it was being displayed in the town palace of

 the Counts of the House of Nassau in Brussels.   This was a prominent location due to visits by heads of

 state and court figures which lets us know the work was already highly valued.   Bosch painted himself

 into the painting.   Salvador DalŪ and Joan Miro both viewed the work in person at the Prado and

 produced pieces paintings which pay homage to Bosch's work.


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