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 How to Select & Hang Art

Deciding on a specific painting and where to hang it is full of decisions.   We have asked prominent 
Interior Designs who are customers of Canvas Replicas to give us some advice and tips. 
Selecting A Piece Of Art
~ Matching a coloring accent of the furniture, drapes, carpet or coloring of the room brings out the color of the art and makes it stand out.
~ Select art which inspires you.   Choosing a piece that simple matches the coloring of a room works until you change the coloring.  Find artwork 
that draws emotion.
~ What is your focal point?    Do you want the piece of art to be the focal point of the room or one of several focal points?   The size of the
piece influences this idea.   Similar smaller sizes creates multiple focal points as opposed to one larger piece.
~ Does the subject matter of the artwork match the other contents (furniture, carpets, other art) of the room.   For example, an abstract painting
in a country-themed room could be distracting.   However, if you wish to make the artwork show stopping, this strategy can work.
~ Combining several pieces of art with similar themes or styles creates a greater impact.   Also contracting vertical and horizontal lines
draws attention to each piece.   Horizontal lines tend to widen, elongate and emphasize a casual feel.   Vertical lines tend to be more formal,
can seem more elegant and add the illusion of height.
~ Lighting is a critical element.   Placing overhead lights or insuring it is bathed in natural light will bring the colors to life and emphasize
the focal point nature of a piece.   Make sure there is not direct sunlight on the art as it can damage the painting.   
~ The placement of the furniture under and around the art can highlight the piece and help it flow with the whole room.
~ Here is a trick designers have used for years.   To get a sense of how large a piece you want or how it will work in a space, you can tape
together white copy paper or brown craft paper in the dimensions you are considering and hold that to the wall.   This will give you an accurate 
visualization of how much space you need.   You can also create the sizing using masking tape.   When you are sizing don't forget to include the 
width of the frame in the dimensions.  Using the tape or paper allows you to place your nails or screws in the wall accurately for the painting.
~ When selecting a location for your art, get a sense as you enter the room where you want to draw attention and where attention is 
naturally drawn.   Sight lines in the room with the architecture and existing furniture are key influences to where you put your art.
~ Height of the art is critical.   Generally eye level is the most effective.    The industry standard is the center of the artwork should be 
60 inches from the floor.   If you have an open area to a loft or a vaulted ceiling up a staircase higher may be better.
~ To find the widest selection of art visit our galleries at Canvas Replicas.   You can search by Artist, by Subject or you can search 
our whole website for a title when you click here.  Take some time roaming our galleries or you can call us at 888.284.9671 (Internationally 
801.446.1239).   We would love to help you find the exact piece you are looking for or answer any questions.   
What Frame To Choose...Or Not Using A Frame At All
~ A frame should compliment the art, not overwhelm it.  The art is the star, the frame is a character actor.   When in doubt, understated is better
than overstated.  
~ Matching the period.   A 16th century piece of art will generally sit in a Baroque or gilded frame more then a more modern stark frame.  
However, the frame must not only blend with the art but your surroundings (furniture, architecture, other art) as well. 
~ Take the art with you when selecting the frame.   This allows you to experiment with different styles and sizes.   Having the frame made 
before you have the art is a risk.   Will the colors of the frame blend with the painting?   Will the stretched canvas sit well in the frame?   It 
lengthens the time a little more but wait until you have the painting to select a frame.   Having the right frame will add to the enjoyment of 
the art for years and years.
~ Gallery Wrap is an alternative to framing.   A Gallery Wrap is when the painting is wrapped/stretched around stretcher bars and not placed
in a frame.   This has become a very popular option because it reduces cost and looks very nice.
~ The Gallery Wrap is considered a minimalist look.   There are several ways to wrap the painting around the side edge.  First, you can continue
the painting and wrap it around the edge.  Second, you can leave a white edge along the border.   Third, paint the border a color that draws on 
the coloring in the room, within the painting, or a piece of furniture.   For example you may have an opposite wall in the room painted burgundy.
You may want to consider painting the edge of the art to match that burgundy and tie the colors together. 
~ Some contrast in the frame can really highlight the painting.   For example, for a light colored painting you may want to consider a frame with
dark accents.   See how it looks to your eye.
~ Selecting the width of a frame.   A wider frame (5-8 inches) is generally used with Baroque or Renaissance period paintings.   As mentioned 
before make sure it compliments and is not the star.   Wider frames do add an air of importance to the piece.
Whether you have a question regarding a specific artist or work, trying to decide what size of painting goes
 best in a hallway or dining room, or you simply want to know more about us, wed love to hear from you.   
Please give us a call at 888.284.9671 (Internationally 801.446.1239), email us or text us at 801.610.9243 (text
only, no voice).  You can visit us on Facebook and Google+ or learn more about us at the Frequently Asked
Question section of our website.   


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