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Brodbaket (Baking the Bread) - Anders Zorn
Hins Anders Fiddler In the Harbour of Algier Brodbaket (Baking the Bread)
Self Portrait with Faun and Nymph - Anders Zorn
Ols Maria En premiar (A Premiere) Self Portrait with Faun and Nymph
President Grover Cleveland - Anders Zorn
Vita Liljor (White Lilies) Woman Dressing President Grover Cleveland
Castles in the Air - Anders Zorn
Reveil, the Artists Wife Girl Knitting Castles in the Air
Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath - Anders Zorn
President William Howard Taft Midsummer Dance Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath
Vigskvalp (Lappings of the Waves) - Anders Zorn
Our Daily Bread Musical Family Vigskvalp (Lappings of the Waves)
Night Effect - Anders Zorn
Valsen (Waltz) Vallkulla (Walk) Night Effect
Sommarnoje (Summer Entertainment)

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Paintings by Anders Zorn

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Anders Zorn Catalog


The following titles are some of the Anders Zorn paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A First

Agusta Holzer

Antonin Proust

Ateljeidyll (Studio Idyll)

August St. Gaudens and Model II

Augusta Gran

Badande kullor i bastun (Women bathing in the sauna)

Bather at the Rocks

Bathing Girls

Battleship Baltimore in Stockholm Harbor

Boat Race




Christian De Falbe with a Saint Bernard at Luton Hoo

Christmas Morning Service


Coquelin Cadet

Country Festival



Daughters of Ramon Subercasseaux

Den Sonderslagna Krukan

Die Sklavin

Drottning Sophia (Queen Sophia)

Edith Palgrave Edward in Her London Residence


Elizabeth Sherman Cameron

Emma Zorn

Emma Zorn and Mouche

Emma Zorn in the Paris Studio

Emma Zorn Lasande

Emma Zorn och hunden Mouche (Emma Zorn and Mouche)

En Premiar (A Premiere)

Ernest Cassel

Female Nude

Fisherman St Ives

Fiskmarknad I St Ives

Flood (Oversvamning)

Frances Cleveland


Froknarna Salomon

Fru Lisen Samson

Frukost I Det Grona

George Peabody Gardner

Girl from Dalecarlia knitting

Girl from Smaland

Girl in an Orsa Costume

Girls from Dalarna in the Sauna

Grover Cleveland

Gustav V

Gustav Vasa

Hamburgs Hamn


Hins Anders

Hugo Reisinger

I Algers Hamn (In the harbor of Algiers)

I Ateljen

I Sangkammaren

I Top Capu (In Top Capu)

I Werners Eka (In Werner's Rowing Boat)

I Wikstroms Atelje

Impressions de Londres (Impressions of London)

Impressions of London

In my Gondola

In Scotland

In the Harbor of Algiers

In the Twilight

In Top Capu

Jean-Baptiste Faure

Junge Mutter und Kind


Karleksnymf (A Love Nymph)

Kitchen Maid


Kvinna som klar Sig (Woman Dressing)

Lappings of the Waves

Le Tub (The Tub)

Les Baigneuses

Les Demoiselles Schwartz

Lisen Lamm


Love Nymph

Madame Clara Rikoff

Mademoiselle Antoinette May

Malarinnan Alice


Martha Dana

Martha Liebermann

Max Liebermann


Midsummer Dance



Mora Fair

Mora Marknad (The Mora Fair)

Morakulla I Vinterdrakt


Mrs Bacon

Mrs Eben Richards

Mrs Frances Cleveland

Mrs John Crosby Brown

Mrs Potter Palmer

Mrs Symons

Mrs Walter Bacon

Mrs. Symons

Mrs. William R. Mercer

Ms. Salomon

Naken under en gran (Nude under a Fir)


Nude by the Shore  

Nude under a fir

Nymf Och Faun

Old Anne

Ols Maria


Oscar II

Our Daily Bread


Portrait of a Lady

Portrait Study

Portratt av Emma Zorn i Parisateljen

Portratt Av Kvinna

President Grover Cleveland

Prins Carl

Prins Eugen

Queen Sophia

Red sand  

Red Stockings


Reflexer (Reflexions)


Self Portrait

Self Portrait with Faun and Nymph


Solbadande flicka



Studio Idyll

Summer Fun

Sunbathing Girl

The Awakening

The Bathers

The Waltz


Ute (Out)

Utsikt Fran Skeppsholmskajen





Vart Dagliga Brod (Our Daily Bread)


Vita Liljor

Wallpaper Factory


William Howard Taft

Woman Dressing

Woman in a Forest

Woman in Red Skirt

Women Bathing in the Sauna

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