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Little Peasant

Landscape in the Midi

Jeanne Hebuterne

Café Singer

Woman with Red Hair Bride & Groom

Cypress Trees & Houses

Portrait of Diego Riviera

Jaques & Berthe Lipchitz

Madame Pompadour

Maude Abrantes

Reclining Nude

Caryatid Man with Hat

Southern France Landscape

Big Red Buste

Landscape 1919 Landscape in Tuscany

Beggar of Livorno

Standing Nude with Garden Background

Woman with Fan

The Jewish Woman

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Amedeo Modigliani Catalog


The following titles are some of the Amedeo Modigliani paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Blond Wearing Earrings

A Blond Woman Portrait of Germaine Survage

Act (Little Jeanne)

Act on a Sofa (Almaiisa)

Adrienne Woman with Bangs



Andre Rouveyre

Anna (Hanka)

Anna Akhmatova

Annie Bjarne


Bearded Man

Beatrice Hastings

Beatrice Hastings Leaning on Her Elbow

Beatrice Hastings Standing by a Door

Beatrice Hastings, Seated

Beggar Woman

Big Red Buste

Big Red Buste (Loopold II)

Blonde Nude

Boy in a Blue Shirt

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom (The Newlyweds)

Burgundian Woman

Bust of a Young Woman

Bust of Manuel Humbert

Cafe Singer


Chaim Soutine



Constant Leopold

Count Weilhorski

Cypress Trees and Houses, Midday Landscape

Dark Young Woman Seated by a Bed

Elena Picard

Elvira with white collar

Equestrienne (L'Amazone)

Fat Child

Female Act

Female Nude with Hat

Fille Rousse

Frans Hellens

Giovanotto dai Capelli Rosse

Girl in a Green Blouse

Girl in a White Chemise

Girl in the yellow dress

Girl on a Chair

Girl with a Polka-Dot Blouse

Girl with Braids

Gypsy Woman with Baby

Gypsy Woman with Child

Hanka Zborowska

Head of a Girl

Head of a Woman in a Hat (Lolotte)

Head of a Woman with a Hat

Head of a Young Girl

Head of a Young Woman

Head of Red-Haired Woman

Jacques and Berthe Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz and His Wife

Jean Alexandre

Jeanne Hebuterne

Jeanne Hebuterne in a Hat

Jeanne Hebuterne in a Large Hat

Jeanne Hebuterne in a Scarf

Jeanne Hebuterne in a Yellow Jumper

Jeanne Hebuterne in a Yellow Sweater

Jeanne Hebuterne with Hat and Necklace

Jeanne Hebuterne with Necklace

Jeanne Hebuterne with White Collar

Jeaune Fille au Corsage A Pois

Jeune Garcon Nu

Joseph Levi

Karyatide in Rosa


La Belle Epiciere



Landscape in the Midi

Landscape, Southern France

Leon Indenbaum

Leopold Survage

Leopold Zborowski

Leopold Zborowski with Cane

Little Girl in Black Apron

Little Girl in Blue

Little Louise

Little Serving Woman


Lunia Czechowska

Lunia Czechowska, Left Hand on Her Cheek

Lying act

Madam Pompadour Portrait of Beatrice Hastings

Madame Dorival

Madame Georges van Muyden

Madame Lunia Czechowska with a Fan

Madame Othon Friesz, La Marseillaise

Madame Pompador

Madame Z

Madame Zborowska on a Sofa

Man in a Monocle Named Bidou

Man with Hat

Man's Head

Manuel Humberg Esteve


Marguerite Seated

Maurice Drouard

Max Jacob


Modigliani with the Pipe

Monsieur Deleu

Monsieur Lepoutre

Nu Accroupi

Nu Couche De Dos

Nude Anna Akhmatova

Nude Bust

Nude Caryatid

Nude Looking Over Her Right Shoulder

Nude on a Blue Cushion

Nude on a Divan

Nude Seated

Nude with Hat

Nude with Necklace

Nude Woman

Paul Guillaume

Paul Guillaume, Novo Pilota

Pierre Reverdy

Pierre-Edouard Baranowski


Pierrot (Self Portrait as Pierrot)

Pink Blouse

Portrait of a Girl

Portrait of a Girl Victoria

Portrait of a Maid

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man with Hat

Portrait of a Man with Hat (Jose Pacheco)

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman in a Black Tie

Portrait of a Woman with a White Collar

Portrait of a Woman with Hat

Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of Anna Zborovska

Portrait of Beatrice Hastings

Portrait of Blaise Cendrars

Portrait of Celso Lagar

Portrait of Chaim Soutine

Portrait of Chaim Soutine Seated at a Table

Portrait of Diego Rivera

Portrait of Doctor Devaraigne

Portrait of Dr. Paul Alexandre

Portrait of Elena Pavlowski

Portrait of Frank Burty Haviland

Portrait of George Ortiz

Portrait of Henri Laurens

Portrait of Jean Cocteau

Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne

Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne Common Law Wife of Amedeo Modigliani

Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne Seated in an Armchair

Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne Seated in Profile

Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne, Left Arm behind Her Head

Portrait of Juan Gris

Portrait of Leon Bakst

Portrait of Leopold Zborowski

Portrait of Lunia Czechovska

Portrait of Lunia Czechowska with White Blouse

Portrait of Madame Kisling

Portrait of Madame Reynouard

Portrait of Madame Survage

Portrait of Madame Zborowska

Portrait of Marguerite

Portrait of Mario Varvogli

Portrait of Maude Abrantes

Portrait of Max Jacob

Portrait of Modigliani

Portrait of Moise Kisling

Portrait of Morgan Russell

Portrait of Oscar Meistchaninoff

Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Pardy

Portrait of Paul Alexanders

Portrait of Paul Alexandre against a Green Background

Portrait of Paul Guillaume - Novo Pilota

Portrait of Paulette Jourdain

Portrait of Pedro

Portrait of Pinchus Kremenge

Portrait of Raymond Radiguet

Portrait of Soutine Sitting at a Table (Ritratto di Soutine seduto a tavola)

Portrait of the Art Dealer Paul Guillaume

Portrait of the Mechanical

Portrait of the Painter Moise Kisling

Portrait of the Photographer Dilewski

Portrait of the Polish Poet and Art Dealer Leopold Zborovski

Portrait of the Spanish Painter Celso Lagar

Portrait of Woman in Hat Jeanne Hebuterne



Redhead Wearing a Pendant

Redhead Young Man

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude Le Grande Nu

Reclining Nude 1917

Reclining Nude from the Back

Reclining Nude with Blue Cushion

Reclining Nude with Left Arm Resting on Forehead

Reclining Nude with Loose Hair

Reclining Nude, Arms Folded under Her Head

Reclining Nude, Head Resting on Right Arm

Recumbent act with arms crossed behind the Head

Recumbent Nude

Red Haired Girl

Red Haired Young Woman in Chemise

Renee the Blonde

Roger Dutilleul

Rosa Porprina

Rose Caryatid Audace

Seated before an Orange Background

Seated Boy with Cap

Seated Nude

Seated Nude on Divan

Seated Nude with Necklace

Seated Nude with Shift

Seated Woman

Seated Woman with a Blue Blouse

Seated Woman with Child

Seated Young Woman

Self Portrait

Serving Woman

Serving Woman (La Fantesca)

Sitting female Nude

Sleeping Nude with Arms Open Red Nude

Standing Karyatide

Standing Nude

Standing Nude Elvira

Standing Nude with Garden Background

Study for Portrait of Frank Haviland

Study for the Cellist

Study of a Head


The Zouave

The Beautiful Confectioner

The Beautiful Grocer

The Beggar of Leghorn

The Black Dress

The Blue Blouse

The Boy

The Cellist

The Dairymaid

The Fat Child

The Jewess

The Jewish Woman

The Little Peasant

The Maid

The Pretty Housewife

The Pretty Vegetable Vendor

The Red Bust

The Red Head

The Sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and His Wife Berthe Lipchitz

The Servant

The Servant Girl

The Singer from Nice

The Son of the Concierge

The Typographer

The Young Apprentice

The Zouave

Thora Klinckowstrorn

Tree and Houses

Two Girls


Woman in a Red Necklace

Woman in White Coat

Woman in Yellow Jacket (The Amazon)

Woman of Algiers (Almaisa)

Woman Seated in front of a Fireplace

Woman with Blue Eyes

Woman with Read Hair

Woman with Velvet Ribbon

Woman's Head

Woman's Head in Profile

Woman's Head with Beauty Spot

Young Farmer

Young Girl

Young Girl in a Black Apron

Young Girl in a Striped Blouse

Young Girl in Beret

Young Girl Seated

Young Girl Wearing a Rose

Young Man

Young Man with Cap

Young Peasant

Young Redhead in an Evening Dress

Young Servant Girl

Young Woman

Young Woman in a Yellow Dress

Young Woman with a Small Ruff







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