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Caspar David Friedrich


Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Woman in Front of the Setting Sun Hills and Ploughed Fields Near Dresden Old Heroes' Graves
Chalk Cliffs on Rugen Tree of Crows Monk by the Sea Georg Friedrich Kersting

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Mountainous Landscape Polar Sea Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon Drifting Clouds


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Albert Bierstadt


Sunset in Yosemite Falls of Niagara from Below Lake in the Rockies Bahama Cove

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Approaching Thunderstorm on the Hudson River Sunlight and Shadow Among the Bernese Alps Valley of the Yosemite

"Our painting of 'Valley of Yosemite' arrived and we just opened it.  We are very, very pleased with it and

wanted to let you know.  It will look beautiful on our wall.  Many thanks and we will recommend you

to our family and friends."  Karen T. ~ Norristown, PA

Domes of the Yosemite Rocky Mountain Sheep - Ovis, Montana Light in the Forest Lake Tahoe

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William Blake

Job and his Daughters - William Blake

 Satan Inflicting Boils on Job - William Blake

 Ancient of Days (God as an Architect) - William Blake

 Body of Abel Found by Adam & Eve - William Blake

Job & His Daughters  Satan Inflicting Boils on Job Ancient of Days (God as an Architect) Body of Abel Found by Adam & Eve

Glad Day - William Blake

The Blasphemer - William Blake

Great Red Dragon & Woman Clothed with the Sun - William Blake

Marriage of Heaven & Hell - William Blake

Glad Day The Blasphemer Great Red Dragon & Woman Clothed with the Sun  Marriage of Heaven & Hell

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George Inness

In the Berkshires - George Inness

Roman Aqueduct 1852 - George Inness

  Harvest Scene in the Delaware Valley - George Inness

Sunset at Milton - George Inness 

In the Berkshires A Bit of a Roman Aqueduct Harvest Scene in the Delaware Valley Sunset at Milton

Pine Grove of the Barberini Villa - George Inness

Early Autumn Montclair - George Inness

Morning Catskill Valley - George Inness

Early Morning Tarpon Springs - George Inness

Pine Grove of the Barberini Villa Early Autumn Montclair Morning Catskill Valley Early Morning Tarpon Springs

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John Constable

Brighton Beach with Colliers - John Constable

 The White Horse - John Constable

Dedham Vale - John Constable

Brighton Beach with Colliers The White Horse Dedham Vale

Mill at Gillingham, Dorset - John Constable

Haywain - John Constable

Flatford Mill - John Constable

Mill at Gillingham, Dorset Haywain Flatford Mill

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Eugene Delacroix


Lion Hunt

Louis of Orleans Unveiling

his Mistress

Massacre at Chios Liberty Leading the People
Justice of Trajan Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi Fanatics of Tangier Death of Sardanapalus


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John William Waterhouse

Awakening of Adonis - John William Waterhouse

 Destiny - John William Waterhouse

 Hylas & the Nymphs - John William Waterhouse

 Echo & Narcissus - John William Waterhouse

Awakening of Adonis Destiny Hylas & the Nymphs Echo & Narcissus

Ophelia - John William Waterhouse

 My Sweet Rose - John William Waterhouse

 The Shrine - John William Waterhouse

 Half Sick of Shadows - John William Waterhouse

Ophelia  My Sweet Rose The Shrine Half Sick of Shadows 
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