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House in Unterach - Gustav Klimt

  GK 101

Overstock item available

Tree of Life - Gustav Klimt

GK 102

Overstock item available

Church at Unterach - Gustav Klimt

     GK 103

"From the other side of Atlantic we ordered Klimt's Danae, Tree of Life, Fulfillment and Monet's Japanese  
Bridge. Upon receipt I could not resist the excitement - truly marvelous works, each one of them. And now
4 years after  they are still as amazing as they were back then."  Olga N. ~ Nicosia, Cyprus

 Malcesine sul Garda - Gustav Klimt

  GK 104

Adele Bloch-Bauer I - Gustav Klimt

GK 105

Farmhouse in Upper Austria - Gustav Klimt

     GK 106

"The painting of Adele Bloch Bauer came today.   It's absolutely magnificent.  Such a beautiful

 reproduction.   I  will send a picture of the framing when it is done."   John W. ~ Temecula, CA

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on the image of the painting.

  Birch Forest - Gustav Klimt
Birch Forest - Gustav Klimt

GK 107

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

GK 108

Overstock item available

Birchwood - Gustav Klimt

GK 109

"I received my painting of Klimt's The Kiss today...thank you so much, it's beautiful!"  Elizabeth J. ~ Dallas, TX

The Golden Knight - Gustav Klimt

  GK 110

Three Ages of Woman - Gustav Klimt

GK 111

 Life and Death - Gustav Klimt

GK 112

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on the image of the painting.

Hope II - Gustav Klimt

GK 113

Goldfish - Gustav Klimt

GK 114

Music - Gustav Klimt

GK 115

"By the way, I forgot to write you and tell you how much I LOVE the Hope II by Klimt!!!   It is

superb!!!  Thank you!   I'll be  choosing another soon for sure."  Justin J. ~ Los Angeles, CA

The Park - Gustav Klimt

GK 116

Sea Serpent II - Gustav Klimt

GK 117


Unterach Castle on the Attersee - Gustav Klimt

GK 118

Click here to see a sample of Gustav Klimt's The Maiden reproduction by Canvas Replicas

Farm Garden with Sunflowers - Gustav Klimt

GK 119

Mermaids - Gustav Klimt

GK 120

 Farm Garden and Crucifix - Gustav Klimt

GK 121

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on the image of the painting.

Garden Path with Chicken - Gustav Klimt

GK 122

Apple Tree - Gustav Klimt

GK 123

Farmhouse with Birches - Gustav Klimt

     GK 124

"I wanted to let you know that my wife and I are so pleased with our Klimt painting.    This

was our second order and you can count on many more orders in the future.  The quality

of your paintings cannot be matched.   Thank you again." Richard E. ~ Stamford, CT

Medicine (Hygieia) - Gustav Klimt

  GK 125

Organ Player - Gustav Klimt

GK 126

Lady at the Fireplace - Gustav Klimt
     GK 127

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on the image of the painting.

Two Girls with Oleander - Gustav Klimt

GK 128

Landscape of a Garden - Gustav Klimt

GK 129

Park of Schönbrunn - Gustav Klimt

GK 130

"I received the Two Girls with Oleander painting last Thursday.   It's lovely.  It's already being

stretched and framed."   Terrance S. ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Baby (Detail) - Gustav Klimt

  GK 131

Stoclet Frieze: Expectation - Gustav Klimt

GK 132

Stoclet Frieze: Fullfilment - Gustav Klimt

GK 133

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on the image of the painting.

  Portrait of a Lady - Gustav Klimt

Portrait of a Lady - Gustav Klimt

GK 134

Fruit Garden with Roses - Gustav Klimt

GK 135

Large Poplar - Gustav Klimt

GK 136

  The Bride - Gustav Klimt

The Bride - Gustav Klimt

GK 137

Poppy Field - Gustav Klimt

GK 138

Tree of Life Stoclet Frieze - Gustav Klimt

GK 139

 Pallas Athene - Gustav Klimt

GK 140

The Virgin (Maiden) - Gustav Klimt

GK 141

Dancer - Gustav Klimt

GK 142

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.


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