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Traditional Gold Frames & Mirrors        Light Gold Frames & Mirrors  


A frame should always accentuate a great piece of artwork. 



   Washed Gold Frames & Mirrors        Broken Gold Frames & Mirrors


     A magnificent frame becomes part of the artwork and a key part

of the presentation.



      Dark Gold Frames & Mirrors          Black/Gold Frames & Mirrors


   Classic Frames are for those paintings, portraits, prints or mirrors that are the focus of a room or the centerpiece of a home.



    Wood Frames & Mirrors                      Silver Frames & Mirrors 


Classic Frames sells only Museum and Gallery style,

hand-leafed frames and mirrors.  


Linen Liner Frames & Mirrors


We can show you how your painting, portrait or mirror will look in a

specific frame.   Ask us how!


To place an order you can call 888.284.9671 or email us at



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