Edgar Degas Gallery II

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Sailboats at Argenteuil Stock Exchange Dance Studio Crucifixion after Matagna
Courtyard in New Orleans Dancers Diego Martelli Reclining Nude

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Melancholy Three Ballet Dancers Collector of Prints Cabaret
Dancers Resting Breakfast after the Bath Madame Jeantaud at the Mirror Racehorses in a Landscape

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Dancers in a Box - Edgar Degas
Madame Dietz-Monnin Houses at the Foot of a Cliff Old Italian Woman Dancers in a Box
 Dance Class at the Opera - Edgar Degas  Dancers in Pink & Green - Edgar Degas
Dance Class at the Opera James Tissot Dancers in Pink & Green Woman Drying Herself

"We received our Dance Class. We love it. Thank you for your wonderful work." Daniel B. ~ Los Alamos, NM

Little Milliners Russian Dancer Chorus Cotton Dealers in New Orleans
Song Rehearsal Dancers in Green Combing the Hair Before the Curtain Call
Castel Sant Elmo, Naples Village Street View of Naples Woman at a Window

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the image of the painting.

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